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      Turmeric Milk During Pregnancy: Benefits & Effects

      Pregnancy Journey

      Turmeric Milk During Pregnancy: Benefits & Effects

      Updated on 16 January 2023

      Pregnancy is an undulating journey. It has its highs and lows. The ‘pregnancy passage’ is multi-faceted. One of its typical elements is being vigilant. Even the most mundane things come under steely scrutiny when a pregnant woman is in the house. So, be extra watchful of the minutest edibles. This ensures you have a happy, healthy, and hassle-free pregnancy. In this article, we will investigate the most common spice found in Indian kitchens – turmeric, and see how safe it is to consume turmeric during pregnancy!

      Is Turmeric Safe during Pregnancy?

      The research on the safety of turmeric milk during pregnancy is minimal. However, the consensus remains that dried or fresh turmeric is safe to have during pregnancy. Thus, meals having a typical amount of turmeric are safe for mamas-to-be. They are found in several vegetable dishes.

      However, one should remember that there is no causal link between turmeric consumption and early labour or pregnancy loss. But most physicians believe that pregnant women should refrain from capsules and supplements with turmeric as the key ingredient. In addition, a study hints at the probability that taking a large proportion of curcumin (the main compound of turmeric powder) during pregnancy may change the estrogen hormone levels in the body. This may lead to uterine contractions or bleeding.

      Nutritional Value of Turmeric

      Mentioned below is the nutritional value of turmeric for every tablespoon (15 gms) –


      42 kilocalories


      7.38 grams


      1 gram


      1 gram


      3.21 gram


      3 milligrams


      18.3 milligrams


      6.9 milligrams

      Benefits of Drinking Turmeric Milk during Pregnancy

      There is unavailability of information regarding curcumin and pregnancy. So healthcare professionals suggest against pregnant women consuming smaller amounts of turmeric. But, small quantities of milk may have certain health benefits, such as –

      1. Soothing Bleeding Gums

      From the second to eighth month of pregnancy, the hormone progesterone can make pregnant women more vulnerable to developing dental problems. This includes pregnancy gingivitis. It is a gum-related inflammation and bleeding. Statistics suggest that 30 to 100 per cent of women suffer from gingivitis during pregnancy. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. So its consumption during meals as a condiment in curries may reduce gingival inflammation.

      Furthermore, a study on non-pregnant women reveals that turmeric-induced mouthwash is as effective as the standard antimicrobial. It helps in preventing plaque and gingivitis. However, the usage of turmeric mouthwash during pregnancy should be discussed with a doctor and a dentist. In addition, the product should also have low turmeric content.

      2. Preventing preeclampsia

      Preeclampsia is a problem that affects only pregnant women. It typically affects after the 20th week. It happens when the blood pressure is high, and there is a protein in the urine or kidney. Preeclampsia can also occur as liver problems.

      The condition is seen only among 8 per cent of all pregnant women. It is treatable. Most women with preeclampsia deliver healthy babies sans any complications.

      On the downside, preeclampsia can be dangerous in some rare situations. It may lead to maternal and infant disability or even death. The accurate cause of the condition remains unknown. But inflammation is seen as a primary culprit.

      One unique research suggests that curcumin could reduce inflammatory symptoms in pregnant women. It can also help prevent preeclampsia. Despite promising, the study is restrictive. The medical community needs to investigate further the potential benefits of curcumin (turmeric) in preventing preeclampsia.

      Effects of Consuming Turmeric Milk during Pregnancy

      It is most likely safe to consume turmeric milk during pregnancy. This is if its quantity is small and typical. In addition, a smaller quantity of turmeric in milk and curries may provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the pregnant woman. This is true especially when taken as part of a healthy diet.

      However, most experts are of the view that pregnant women should not consume high quantities of turmeric or curcumin. This is because there is a potential risk of it leading to pregnancy loss and early labour.

      How to Consume Turmeric Milk during Pregnancy

      Some of the pregnancy-friendly ways to consume turmeric milk include –

      • Mix turmeric with warm milk. Add a pinch of black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger to make a wholesome concoction.
      • Sprinkle turmeric on cooked eggs, grains, and vegetables
      • Make turmeric milk tea
      • Make vegetable soup or stew by adding grated turmeric root to the pot

      However, consulting with the OBGYN about consuming turmeric and turmeric-related products is optimal.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How much turmeric can I take while pregnant?

      Ans. It is pretty safe to take the typical amount of turmeric while pregnant. It can be taken as a condiment in curries and vegetable dishes or as a trace accompaniment in milk or tea.

      2. Does turmeric affect the womb?

      Ans. There are no concrete studies or evidence that turmeric affects the womb. However, it is best to avoid high levels of curcumin and turmeric during pregnancy.

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