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Laundry Detergent

Say hello to stain-free smiles, one load at a time with Mylo’s all-natural, pH balanced baby laundry detergent!

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Why do you need to wash baby clothes with a separate laundry detergent? 

Babies have overly sensitive skin which can easily get irritated with harsh chemicals in the detergents potentially leading to discomfort or rashes. Picking a baby-specific detergent helps to reduce the risk of skin allergies and keeps their clothes free from any residue that might cause discomfort. You can provide a safe, comfortable and hygienic environment for your baby by choosing a baby-friendly separate laundry detergent.  


How to choose a baby laundry detergent? 

When selecting a baby laundry detergent, it's important to keep in mind about the gentle care that your little one's sensitive skin deserves. Look for labels as hypoallergenic, free from harsh chemicals, dyes, and fragrances. Pick a product specifically designed for babies to ensure it's safe and mild. Consider liquid detergents, as they tend to rinse out more effectively than powdered ones. Reading reviews, checking doctor’s recommendations, and choosing a detergent from reputable organizations can further help you invest in a suitable and effective option.  


Buy liquid detergent for clothes from Mylo 

At Mylo, your baby’s safety is our top priority and we have carefully curated a product that is especially designed to protect baby’s sensitive skin from irritation. Mylo Care Gentle Baby Laundry Detergent offers gentle care for your little one's clothes. Powered by Enzyme Cleansing Technology, this baby detergent efficiently cleans while being easy to rinse off. Keep your baby's clothing soft, clean, and safe with our trusted and effective laundry detergent. With its ultra-light fragrance and deep cleansing effect, this detergent is a must for your baby’s clothes. 


Buy best liquid detergent for washing machine online 

Mylo's top-rated Liquid Detergent for Washing Machine is specifically designed to provide superior cleaning performance. Formulated with advanced enzyme cleansing technology, this detergent ensures effective stain removal and leaves your clothes fresh and odor-free. Its easy-to-rinse formula guarantees residue-free laundry, making it a perfect choice for modern demands of convenient and efficient washing machine liquid detergent. Elevate your laundry routine and achieve effective results with Mylo's premium front load washing machine liquid detergent, available for online purchase. 


Why buy liquid detergent from Mylo? 

Our team at Mylo is working diligently to bring products that suit modern-day needs and are of supreme quality. Baby liquid detergent provides exceptional cleanliness and care for your baby’s clothes. Our specially crafted formula is designed for superior stain removal, gentle on fabrics, and easy to rinse. You will never feel like returning to powder detergent cleaning as it gives the confidence of fresh, clean clothes every time you choose Mylo's premium liquid detergent. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should you wash baby clothes using liquid washing detergent?

When washing baby clothes with liquid washing detergent, follow the instructions on the product label for the recommended cycle duration. Typically, a regular wash cycle of 30-40 minutes is sufficient to effectively clean and maintain the freshness of your baby's clothing. Always prioritize your baby's comfort and safety by using a gentle and appropriate liquid laundry detergent for their delicate garments.

Can you wash baby clothes with front load liquid detergent?

Yes, you can safely wash baby clothes with front load liquid detergent, as long as the detergent is mild, free from harsh chemicals, and suitable for baby's delicate skin. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for the detergent and your washing machine to ensure proper cleaning and care for your baby's clothing.

How to wash baby clothes using top load liquid detergent?

When washing baby clothes using top load liquid detergent, follow these steps: Add the recommended amount of baby detergent for clothes to the washing machine, separate baby clothes from adult items, select a gentle cycle with cold water, and avoid using fabric softeners or bleach. This ensures your baby's clothes are effectively cleaned and are gentle on their sensitive skin.