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Ovulation Test Kit

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to your most fertile days with Mylo’s accurate and easy-to-use Ovulation Test Kits!

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How does an ovulation test kit work? 

An ovulation test kit works by detecting the surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) in a woman's urine, which occurs approximately 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. The test kit typically includes test strips or sticks that are dipped into a urine sample or held under the urine stream. If the LH surge is detected, the test line on the strip becomes as dark or darker than the control line, indicating the imminent release of an egg. By tracking this surge, women can identify their most fertile days, helping to increase the chances of conception when trying to get pregnant. 

How to read ovulation test kit results? 

Reading ovulation test kit results is straightforward. After collecting a urine sample, dip the test strip into the urine or hold it under the urine stream, following the kit's instructions. Wait for the designated time, usually a few minutes, for the results to appear. If the test line is as dark or darker than the control line, it indicates a positive result, indicating an LH surge and the approaching ovulation. A lighter test line suggests a negative result, meaning the LH surge has not occurred yet. 

What are the different types of ovulation predictor kits? 

There are several types of ovulation predictor kits (OPKs) available to help women track their fertile days. The most common type is the urine-based OPK, which detects the surge of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine. Digital OPKs provide easy-to-read results, displaying a smiley face or other symbols to indicate peak fertility. There are also saliva-based OPKs that detect changes in saliva patterns before ovulation. Additionally, some women may use basal body temperature (BBT) charting or cervical mucus monitoring as natural methods to predict ovulation. Each type of OPK has its benefits, and choosing the one that fits best with individual preferences and needs can help women effectively track their ovulation. 

Is home check ovulation test kit suitable for women with PCOS? 

Home check ovulation test kits can be suitable for women with PCOS, but it's essential to consider some factors. Women with PCOS may have higher baseline levels of luteinizing hormone (LH), which can lead to false positives on traditional urine-based ovulation tests. In such cases, using a digital ovulation test kit that tracks the estrogen and LH hormone levels can provide more accurate results. However, women with PCOS should still be aware that their hormonal patterns may be irregular, and tracking other signs of ovulation, such as basal body temperature and cervical mucus, alongside the ovulation test kit, may provide a more comprehensive understanding of their fertile days. 

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