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Protect your baby's chubby cheeks and dimple chin with Mylo's range of baby creams. Infused with the gentlest ingredients, our baby face cream will shoo away all dryness and irritation and keep your baby's face oh-so-kissable.

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What are the benefits of using a baby cream?

With so many baby care products in your baby’s nursery, one more may seem needless to you. But oh-so-logical parent, a baby face cream is one of the most essential products in your baby’s skincare routine. In fact, using a baby skin cream offers numerous benefits to your little one, including:

  1. Moisturizes your baby’s skin
  2. Babies’ skin may seem to be naturally soft and supple but due to their sensitive nature, it is prone to dryness. A baby moisturizing cream contains nourishing ingredients that hydrate your baby’s skin and keeps it moisturized all day long. Bonus benefit: you get to pull your baby’s soft, chubby cheeks.

  3. Protects from external factors
  4. Even though babies don’t go out every day, they do come in contact with environmental factors such as wind, cold, and pollutants. A baby moisturizer cream for face acts as a barrier between your baby’s face and external factors, protecting their skin and smile.

  5. Prevents skin conditions
  6. Not just external factors but even skin conditions like dryness, irritation, and inflammation can affect your baby’s skin. A baby cream will help nourish and protect your baby’s skin and help prevent these common skin conditions.

  7. Soothes skin irritation
  8. A baby face cream is infused with a bunch of gentle, loving ingredients that soothe your baby’s skin and provide relief from skin irritation and inflammation.

  9. Keeps the skin soft and supple
  10. : The best part about babies’ skin is that it’s so soft. Face cream helps to keep their skin soft, smooth, and supple and enhance their skin health. Additionally, it helps to establish healthy habits from an early age.

How to choose the best baby cream?

Parents always want the best for their babies, especially when it comes to choosing baby skincare products. If you’re looking for the best baby face cream, then we’re here to make it easier for you. Here are some factors that can help you select the best baby cream for face in India:

  1. Inspect the ingredients
  2. We know you check everything that comes in contact with your baby, from the water you bathe them in to the food you feed them. So, it should be no different when it comes to face creams. Carefully inspect the ingredients in the baby cream.Look for gentle, moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter, almond oil, aloe vera, etc., and avoid harmful chemicals like paraben, mineral oil, or artificial colors.

  3. Test the texture
  4. A baby face cream should be smooth and not thick, lightweight and not greasy, and most importantly, easy to apply. Try out the texture of the cream before applying it to your baby’s face to ensure it doesn’t cause any discomfort or clog their pores.

  5. Consider price and packaging
  6. Although not deciding factors nonetheless baby cream price and packaging are important. Since you’ll be using the baby skin cream daily, it’s important to find one that fits your budget. Also, choose one with convenient packaging such as a tube that minimizes the risk of contamination.

  7. Read reviews from fellow parents
  8. Once you've shortlisted a few face creams, compare their reviews from verified buyers. Reading reviews from fellow parents who have used the product for their baby can give you an idea about the cream’s texture, fragrance, and overall experience.

  9. Dermatological tests
  10. The last and most important factor in choosing the best baby cream is selecting products that have been dermatologically tested or pediatrician-recommended. These seals of approval can help you select a cream that’s safe and gentle for your baby. You can also look for products that have been certified by trusted organizations like Made Safe or carry labels like ‘hypoallergenic,’ ‘organic,’ or ‘natural’.

    Tips to follow when using a baby face cream

    Choosing the best baby face cream is not all, you must also know how to use the cream the right way. To ensure the best results for your baby, you should follow these steps:

    1. Choose a baby-specific product
    2. First of all, choose a cream that’s specifically made for babies. If you’re going to use the cream for your newborn, then ensure that the product is safe to use from day one. Baby skincare products should be formulated with gentle ingredients and not contain any harmful chemicals and artificial fragrance or colours.

    3. Cleanse your baby’s skin
    4. Before you start applying the baby moisturizing cream, it’s essential to start with a clean face. So, begin by washing your baby’s face with a baby wash or soap and pat it dry using a soft baby towel. Cleansing must always be followed by moisturization.

    5. Dispense a pea-sized amount
    6. Now that your baby’s face is a clean canvas, it’s ready to be moisturized. So, take a pea-sized amount of cream on your fingertips instead of putting it directly over your baby’s face. Baby face creams are ultra-hydrating and only a little amount is sufficient to moisturize their entire face.

    7. Apply gently
    8. Using gentle, upward motions apply the face cream over your baby’s face with your fingertips. There’s absolutely no need to rub their face vigorously or apply any pressure while applying the cream.

    9. Avoid the eye area
    10. Pay special attention to your baby’s eye and undereye area as you don’t want the cream to enter their eyes. Carefully avoid the eye area and if by accident, some of the cream goes into your baby’s eyes, immediately wash them with water.

    11. Make it a routine
    12. To ensure the best results for your baby, establish a skincare routine with them and make the baby cream an essential part of it. Your baby’s face needs daily cleansing and moisturization. So, don’t skip using the cream and your baby’s face will thank you for it. After all, healthy habits start from an early age.

    Buy baby cream at Mylo

    To ensure the best of moisturization and the safest of ingredients for your baby, you need to pick a brand that you can trust. And Mylo and trust go hand in hand, especially when it comes to our wide range of baby products. Dermatologically tested, Made Safe certified and free from any harmful chemicals, our baby skin cream is made from the finest blend of natural ingredients like almond oil, cocoa butter, and aloe vera. Whether you’re looking for a baby winter cream or a baby cream for dry skin, our range of baby moisturizing creams caters to all your diverse needs. With regular use of our baby moisturizer cream for face, your baby’s skin will be brightened, moisturized, and softer than ever. We craft our creams with ultra-hydrating and nourishing ingredients so that your baby’s face remains oh-so-kissable.

    Buy the best baby cream online

    Put an end to your quest for the best baby cream for face in India with online shopping that offers you access to a wide variety of brands at the touch of your fingertips. Choosing the best baby face cream becomes so easy when all you have to do is compare different brands, prices, features, and reviews. The best baby cream in India isn’t far away when you can order online and get it delivered right to your doorstep. You can also order Mylo’s best baby face cream for your little one online from our app and website. 21st-century parenting has never been easier!

    Why buy baby face cream from Mylo?

    As a parent, you are constantly looking for baby skin, hair, bath and body products that are gentle, safe and fit your budget. A brand that meets all these parameters and can be trusted without thinking twice is Mylo. Whether you want a baby cream for summer or a baby face cream for dry skin, our range of baby skin creams has something in store for you and your baby. Infused with the gentlest ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and toxins and dermatologically tested, our baby moisturizing cream moisturizes your baby’s skin, brightens it, makes it soft and supple and even aids in relieving dryness and skin irritation. So, give your baby the kiss of love with our baby creams.

    Frequently Asked Questions Related to Baby Cream

    1. How often should I apply baby cream for dry skin?

    When it comes to using a baby face cream for dry skin, it’s recommended to apply it at least twice a day- after using baby bath products and before bedtime. If your baby’s skin feels dry during the day, you can reapply the cream.

    2. What ingredients should a baby winter cream have?

    A baby face cream for winter should include moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil etc. that hydrate your baby’s face and keep dryness away.

    3. Which is the best baby cream for face in India?

    If you’re looking for the best baby face cream, then we would highly recommend you try the Mylo baby face cream. Enriched with natural ingredients, it keeps the baby’s face moisturized, prevents dryness and is suitable for both winter and summer.

    4. What is the Mylo baby cream price?

    The MRP of Mylo baby moisturizing cream is Rs 199 but you can get it cheaper with our ongoing discounts and deals.

    5. How often should I apply baby cream for summer?

    If your baby doesn’t have dry skin, then applying the baby cream even once a day would be sufficient unlike applying a baby face cream for winter, which may need to be applied twice.