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At Mylo, we help young parents raise happy and healthy families with our innovative new-age solutions:

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Is yoga for weight loss effective? 

More than a form of a physical activity, yoga is a lifestyle which focusses on achieving holistic health along with weight reduction. One should not expect rapid weight loss results with traditional yoga poses however it offers numerous benefits that support weight management. Yoga for weight loss promotes mindfulness and stress reduction, which can prevent emotional eating and improve overall eating habits. 

 It also enhances flexibility, strength, and muscle tone, contributing to a leaner body composition. Moreover, certain styles of yoga, such as Power Yoga, can provide an effective cardiovascular workout, supporting calorie burn. Above all yoga is a way of life and provides sustainable solutions to weight issues.  


Which are the best fruits for weight loss? 

Fruits are an excellent snack option for your weight loss diet as they have low calorie and high fiber content. Berries like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are rich in antioxidants and fiber, aids in digestion and give a feeling of fullness and are considered best fruits for weight loss. Apples are also high in fiber and take longer to digest, helping to control hunger. Citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are packed with vitamin C and can boost metabolism. Additionally, watermelon has a high water content, contributing to hydration and reduced calorie intake. Intake of these nutrient-rich fruits into your diet can support your weight loss goals while providing essential vitamins and minerals. 


Buy best weight loss products from Mylo 

Mylo has carefully crafted solutions for everybody’s weight loss needs. At Mylo we have combined all the top-notch products in different packages to support weight management. Our weight management category includes weight management for all and weight management for new moms to cater to different needs. Mylo’s weight management for new mom's bundle features the finest weight loss tea, apple cider vinegar with saffron, and nutrient-rich wheatgrass powder, synergistically work to enhance your metabolism, promote digestion, curb cravings, and naturally supporting weight control. Upgrade your weight loss journey with the goodness of natural ingredients and see amazing results in no time.  


Buy weight loss products online 

Now buying best weight loss products is a cakewalk as you can easily put them in a cart, wait for a few days and whoa you are ready to get going. Our Weight Management Bundle, comprising premium weight loss tea, apple cider vinegar with saffron, and nourishing wheatgrass powder, is just a click away to support your metabolism, digestion, and weight control goals. By choosing to shop online, you not only access these powerful products from the comfort of your home but also enjoy the benefits of quick delivery, secure transactions, and personalized recommendations. Now don’t just think, but act to give your weight loss journey a healthy twist with 100% natural products.  


Why buy weight loss tea from Mylo? 

Mylo’s unwavering commitment to quality, trust, and well-being is expressed through our premium quality weight loss tea and other products.  Our brand value is built on a foundation of excellence, ensuring that every sip of our weight loss tea embodies the highest standards of purity and efficacy. The formula is created after careful research and Mylo’s weight loss tea is backed by rigorous quality control processes and certifications, assuring you of its authenticity and effectiveness. Furthermore, packaging is also well thought in the way that it maintains the qualities of the herbs and keeps them fresh for longer.