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Turn baby bath into baby bash with Mylo's range of sudsy wonders, where each baby body wash is crafted with love from Mother Nature's bounties and dermatologists' seal of approval. Lather them head to toe in our baby wash, which rinses away dirt, retains moisture and banishes tears.

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What is the difference between a baby body wash and a baby soap?

There was a time when you only needed a baby soap to bathe your baby but nowadays, you have options. A popular alternative is using a baby body wash, which typically comes in a liquid form instead of a soap bar. It has a gentle formulation and contains moisturizing ingredients that keep your baby’s skin hydrated. Additionally, a baby wash is easy to lather and rinse compared to a baby soap bar. What’s more, these liquid washes come in pump bottles, which makes them easier to dispense and convenient during baby baths. While both baby bath soap and wash are suitable for cleaning your baby’s skin, the choice boils down to your personal preference and your baby’s needs.

What are the characteristics of a baby face wash?

Babies have delicate and sensitive skin, even more so when it comes to their face. To ensure a safe and gentle cleansing experience, you need to select the best baby face wash. Let’s see what features it should possess:

  1. Mild, natural ingredients

    Who doesn’t love to pull a baby’s cheeks or kiss their face? To keep your baby’s face soft and lovable, you must clean it with a baby wash that is enriched with gentle and natural ingredients like coconut oil, Reetha, and honey. Additionally, it won’t dry out your baby’s face or irritate their sensitive skin.

  2. Tear-free formulation

    Babies have enough reasons to cry already, they don’t need a baby face wash that makes them cry too. So, it’s important to choose one that is formulated to be tear-free, meaning it won’t cause any stinging sensation if it accidentally enters your baby’s eyes.

  3. Easy to lather and rinse

    With a baby before you in a bathtub full of water, the last thing you want is a baby wash that won’t lather or is taking too long to lather. Since baby washes come in liquid form, it’s obvious that they should lather and rinse off quickly. This ensures that there is no residue left behind that may dry out or irritate your baby’s soft skin.

  4. Free from chemicals

    On your quest for the best body wash for babies in India, don’t forget to choose one that is free from harmful chemicals and artificial fragrances. Steer clear of chemicals like SLS/SLES, paraben, mineral oil, etc. as they can irritate your baby’s skin. It may be tempting to buy baby bath and body products that smell amazing but avoid them because they may irritate your baby’s sensitive nose. Look for products that are mildly fragrant or fragrance-free.

  5. Dermatologist tested

    We know you test every baby skincare product that touches your little one but wouldn’t it be so reassuring if they were tested by dermatologists too? A baby face wash should be dermatologically tested to ensure they are safe to use on your baby’s delicate skin.

How to choose the best baby wash in India?

As parents, your priority is to give the best of everything to your baby and we support you fully when it comes to choosing the best baby body wash in India. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind to choose a product that’s safe, effective and awesome for your baby:

  1. Find out your baby’s skin type

    In order to choose the best for your baby, you ought to know what your baby needs. So, observe how your baby’s skin reacts with different products and environmental factors. Does it dry out quickly? Is it sensitive or prone to allergies? Once you have decoded your baby’s skin type, choosing the best baby body wash becomes simpler. If your baby has dry skin, they need a baby wash that contains moisturizing ingredients. Similarly, if your baby has sensitive skin, they need a mild baby body wash that’s made with natural ingredients and free from chemicals.

  2. Get familiar with the ingredients label

    As a parent, buying baby care products comes with the job and since you’ll be doing it quite often, why not get familiar with the ingredients label. It’s time to find out which ingredients are baby-friendly and which are not. Look for a baby face wash that contains natural and moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, honey, vitamin E, etc., and is free from harsh chemicals like SLS/SLES, paraben, mineral oil, etc.

  3. Read reviews from fellow parents

    Welcome to the parenting club! Let’s take advantage of that and read reviews from other parents to understand if they liked the product and how their overall experience was. Give importance to their take on the product’s effectiveness, gentleness, and after-wash experience. Was it easy to lather and rinse? Did it dry their baby’s skin? How did their baby respond to the product? Reading genuine reviews and finding out answers to these questions will make your selection decision easier.

  4. Check for certifications

    Once you have received the seal of approval from fellow parents, look for certifications like “Made Safe,” “Dermatologically Tested,” or “Natural” that ensures that the baby wash has undergone testing and meets the required standards of safety and quality. Carrying such certifications ensures that the product is gentle and safe for your baby’s delicate skin.

  5. Consider price and packaging

    Last but not least, the price and packaging of the baby body wash also play a role. Consider your budget and what you feel is the appropriate price for a baby wash although the priority should be the product’s quality and safety. Additionally, products with convenient packaging like pump dispensers are easier to use during bath time.

One product that meets all the above criteria is the Mylo Baby Body Wash and Shampoo. Made with gentle and moisturizing ingredients, it functions as a baby face wash, baby body wash and baby shampoo.

Tips to follow while using a baby wash

Choosing the best baby wash for newborns was just half your job, understanding how to use the baby body wash is the other half. Here are some tips that will not only make you a pro at using the baby wash but will also ensure the best baby bath experience for your little one:

  1. Keep all the baby essentials ready

    Before you start bathing your baby, it’s important to keep all the needed baby bath essentials close by. In the bathroom, you should have a baby wash, baby shampoo, and a baby towel around you. In the room, you should keep baby lotion, baby powder, a clean diaper, and fresh clothes ready. This will not only save you time but will also prevent your baby from catching a cold.

  2. Test the water temperature

    You wouldn’t want to put your baby into hot or cold water. It’s recommended to use warm or room temperature water to bathe your baby. So, before you wet your baby’s skin, it’s important to check the water’s temperature. To do so, you can simply dip your elbow in the bathtub filled with water or use a bath temperature. 37-38 degrees Celsius is the ideal water temperature for a baby bath.

  3. Wet your baby’s skin

    Now, it’s finally time to start bathing your baby. Don’t directly put your baby in the bathtub, first familiarize them with the water. Start by sprinkling some water over them or pouring it over their body beginning from their legs and going upwards. Using lukewarm water will also help open up your baby’s pores, which will make cleansing their skin easier.

  4. Apply a small amount

    Once your baby’s wet, take a dime-sized amount of the baby body wash and rub it between your palms to make lather. Alternatively, you can dilute the baby wash in the water and make lather. Remember, you only need a small amount to bathe your baby as their bodies are tiny and they don’t really get as dirty as we do.

  5. Gently cleanse the skin

    Now, massage the baby wash on your little one’s body in gentle, circular motions. Focus on the areas that are more prone to dirt and sweat such as the skin folds, under the chin and neck, around the diaper area, and in the underarms. Remember, you don’t need to scrub or rub your baby’s skin too hard. And avoid using your nails at all costs and if you have long or sharp nails, cut them.

  6. Be careful around the eyes

    While applying the baby face wash, please be careful around your baby’s eyes, ears, and mouth as the product must not enter these body parts. For added insurance, it’s better to choose a no-tear formulation so that if some of the product enters their eyes accidentally, it doesn’t cause them any irritation.

  7. Rinse off thoroughly

    Once you have cleansed all the baby body parts, it’s time to rinse your baby’s skin thoroughly with lukewarm water. Ensure that all the traces of the body wash are rinsed off as any residue may dry out your baby’s skin or even cause irritation.

  8. Pat the skin dry

    Immediately after bathing, pat your baby’s skin dry using a soft baby towel. No need to rub their skin harshly as it can cause friction and irritation. Wrap your baby’s body in the towel as you take them out of the bathroom and into the room to prevent them from catching a cold.

  9. Follow with a moisturizer

    Finally, apply a baby lotion on your baby’s body to seal in the goodness of the baby wash and provide extra moisturization to their skin. This step must not be avoided, especially if your baby has dry skin.

Buy Baby Body Wash at Mylo

Now that you know how to choose and use a baby wash, it’s time to finally buy one and the best one. And when it comes to buying the best baby wash, the choice is obvious- Mylo Baby Body Wash. Whether you’re looking for the best baby body wash in India or the best baby wash for newborns- our range of baby wash caters to all your diverse needs. Made with mild and natural ingredients like Reetha, honey, coconut oil, vitamin E, and hydagen aquaporin, our gentle baby wash gently cleanses the skin, retains moisture, and is free from any harmful chemicals. Our baby face wash can also be used as a baby hair shampoo, so do away with two tasks with just one product. Being dermatologically tested and Made Safe Australia certified, you can trust our baby wash with your eyes closed.

Buy the Best Baby Body Wash in India Online

As a parent, you want the best for your baby, so what’s your excuse for not buying the best baby body wash in India? When you have access to a wide range of baby body washes online, all you have to do is choose the best one for your baby. Compare different products based on baby wash price, baby body wash ingredients, and customer reviews, then place an order and get happiness delivered to your doorstep. It's that simple. And if you still want to make it easier, skip the chase and browse Mylo’s range of baby body washes. We not only provide amazing baby washes but also offer amazing discounts, carefully curated combos, 100% genuine products, and all at the best prices.

Why Buy Baby Wash from Mylo?

At Mylo, we offer a wide range of baby bath and body products including the best body wash for babies in India, the best baby face wash, and the best baby wash for newborns. Formulated with natural and moisturizing ingredients and free from harmful chemicals, each of our baby body wash comes with the seal of approval from dermatologists and Made Safe Australia. And if you are a busy or conscious parent, then you will love our baby body wash that doubles down as a baby shampoo. So, what’s stopping you from buying the best baby wash in India, huh? Try Mylo’s range of baby body washes and unfold the secret to a happy baby bath yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Baby Soaps

1. How often can I use a baby face wash?

Since babies have delicate skin and they don’t get too dirty, washing their face just once a day is enough. Excessive washing may dry out their skin or cause irritation.

2. Should I use a baby body wash everyday?

You can use a baby wash whenever you bathe your baby. It’s recommended to bathe babies every other day or 2-3 times a week, especially if the weather is pleasant and your baby doesn’t sweat a lot.

3. How to select the best baby wash for newborns?

Look for products that are safe to use for newborns, have mild and natural ingredients, tear-free formulation, no chemicals, and dermatological tests.

4. Which is the best body wash for babies in India?

If we had to pick the best baby wash in India, we would choose the Mylo baby body wash. It is made with natural ingredients, contains no harmful chemicals, moisturizes the baby’s skin, is dermatologically tested, and Made Safe Australia certified.

5. Can I use this baby wash for cleaning my baby's face?

Yes, you can use the Mylo baby body wash to clean your baby’s face, body, and even hair as it is specifically designed for gentle head-to-toe cleansing.