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Make massage time a bonding experience and grooming time a breeze with our range of Baby Hair Oil, from growth potions to silky solutions- we have it all. Try and say hello to a head full of bouncy, silky baby hair and bid adieu to dry and itchy scalp!

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Buy Baby Hair Oil at Mylo

As parents you want the safest, gentlest and best experience for your baby. At Mylo, we not only understand that but also provide that. Whether you’re looking for a baby hair growth oil or the best hair oil for babies in summer, we have a range of hair oils designed for babies to keep their scalp hairy and healthy. Turn every hair massage into a bonding experience with your baby and glide through baby grooming sessions with Mylo’s best baby hair oil. We have blended 7 nourishing oils like avocado, argan, sunflower, almond, sesame, coconut and castor oil for baby hair in one bottle. Combined, these oils help to promote hair growth, soothe dry and itchy scalp and keep your baby’s hair soft, smooth and shiny. What’s more, our baby hair oil is enriched with vitamin A and D, dermatologically tested, Made Safe certified and free from any harmful chemicals or additives like mineral oil, paraben and artificial colour and fragrance.

Buy the Best Baby Hair Oil in India Online

What if we told you that you could get the best hair oil in India for your baby at your home? Seems unbelievable, but it’s true. With the best brands available online, buying the best baby hair oil isn’t as tough as it once used to be. Compare oils from a wide variety of brands, check their features, read reviews and consider their prices and once you have shortlisted the best one, simply place an order and get happiness delivered to your doorstep. And if you want to skip the shortlisting process, then simply order from the Mylo app or website and get the best for your baby. Explore our range of baby hair oils, from growth potions to silky solutions, we have it all. So put an end to questions like which oil is best for baby hair and simply experience the best for your baby’s hair.

Why Buy Baby Hair Growth Oil from Mylo?

Safety, nature, and nourishment - all bottled in one oil, what more could you want for your baby. Whether you’re looking for castor oil for baby hair growth or the best oil for baby hair growth, we have something in store for all your needs. Designed to boost hair growth, prevent dry and itchy scalp, and smoothen baby hair, our oils are nourished with gentle, natural ingredients that deliver results from day one. What’s more, they are free from any harmful chemicals, dermatologically tested, and Made Safe certified. Choose Mylo and choose the best for your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Baby Hair Care

1. Which oil is best for baby hair?

Some oils known to provide nourishment to your baby’s scalp and boost hair growth are coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil.

2. Is it safe to use castor oil for baby hair growth?

Yes, when diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil, castor oil for baby hair can prove to be quite beneficial and safe.

3. How often should I use baby hair oil for hair growth?

For best results, you should use a baby hair growth oil at least 2-3 times a week.

4. Which is the best hair oil for babies in summer?

Lightweight and non-greasy oils like almond oil, jojoba oil, or argan oil are considered great options for summer.

5. What type of coconut oil for baby hair should I use?

Opt for extra virgin, organic coconut oil that’s free from any chemicals or additives for your baby.

Product and Rating Table

Baby Hair Oil 100 ml | Dermatologically Tested | Made Safe Australia Certified | Promotes Hair Growth | Strengthens Hair | Safe Hair Oil for Baby ₹229 24% 4/5
Baby Shampoo and Body Wash | Gentle Cleansing Head-to-Toe | Tear Free Formulation | Retains Natural Moisture | Dermatologically Tested | Made Safe Certified- 200 ml ₹199 21% 4/5
Baby Wellness Kit | Baby Body Lotion + Tummy Roll-On + Baby Hair Oil + Baby Massage Oil + Diaper Rash Cream ₹1499 9% 0/5
Baby Rash Diaper Cream | Made Safe Certified | Heals rashes & irritation| Soothes skin inflammation | Can be used daily | Safe for Newborn - 50gm ₹219 27% 4/5
Baby Mosquito Spray | 100% Natural Ingredients | Protects Against Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya | 100 ml ₹159 37% 5/5
Baby Powder for Kids | Made Safe Australia Certified | Absorbs Extra Oil | Relieves Itchiness | Softens Skin | Safe for all skin types - 300 gm ₹259 26% 4/5
Baby Cream for Face 100 gm | Dermatologically Tested | Made Safe Australia Certified | Nourishes and Brightens Skin | Soothes Skin Irritation ₹179 29% 4/5
Baby Massage Oil 200ml | Improves Complexion & Skin Tone | Moisturizes & Nourishes Skin | Aids in Sun Protection | Made Safe Certified ₹314 31% 4/5
Baby Soap | 100% Natural Ingredients | Cleanses Gently | Retains Moisture | Keeps Skin Soft & Supple | Easy to Apply Suitable for 0 to 3 years - 75g ₹65 0% 4/5
Mylo Baby Soap 75g - For 0-3 years with Vitamin E, Murumuru Butter, Jojoba Oil & Coconut Oil - Pack of 5 ₹214 35% 4/5

This data was last updated on 7/22/2024