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What are the causes of UTI in women? 

Women are more prone to UTIs as the urethra (small part from where urine comes out) is shorter than in males and as a result bacteria can easily reach the bladder and give rise to UTIs. Furthermore, Urinary tract infections are more common in sexually active females as the copulation can introduce bacterial growth. The hormonal change during menopause also makes the area more prone to infections. Other causes of UTI in women include using scented products, pregnancy, holding urine for longer durations and immune factors also play a role in providing favorable ground for bacteria or other pathogens. The need of the hour is to take proactive steps to minimize the risk of infections and promote urinary health.  


What are the common urinary tract infection symptoms in women? 

The most common urine infection symptoms in women include a continuous urge to pass out urine along with burning sensation and pain during urination. Pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen, urine is cloudy in appearance and has a foul smell are also urinary tract infection symptoms in women. Moreover, pelvic pain and traces of blood in urine are also observed in case of UTIs. It is important to initiate a quick response to these symptoms so that the condition can be stopped from worsening and have optimum urinary health.  


What are some tips to prevent UTI in women 

Fortunately, UTIs can be easily prevented by following proper hygiene and some measures to overcome the risk of an infection. Number one rule is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids to flush out harmful bacteria out of the system. Other useful practices involve not holding the urine sensation and wiping the region from front to back after using the toilet to prevent bacteria from entering inside the urethra. Furthermore, women should avoid scented intimate hygiene products and wear breathable and cotton underpants to minimize the threat. Lastly, maintaining sexual hygiene by urinating before and after the act goes a long way in reducing the changes of UTIs in women.  


Buy Products to prevent UTI in women at Mylo 

Mylo believes in the age-old wisdom “prevention is better than cure” and has introduced an UTIS and infections range to keep infections at bay by providing solid protection against harmful pathogens. The range includes products like paper toilet seat cover and stand and pee device to minimize the exposure to bacteria and viruses. Our disposable and biodegradable paper toilet seat cover and stand and pee device offer a convenient solution and prevent infections that occur due to use of public toilets. These products not only prevent UTIs but also promote comfort and confidence, making them an essential part of your daily routine.  


Buy Products to get rid of UTI in women Online 

You can easily acquire essential products for UTI prevention right from the comfort of your home and with a few clicks through Mylo's online platform. Our specialized offerings, including paper toilet seat covers and stand and pee devices, provide effective protection against UTIs and infections that stem from public toilets. Pregnant women, new mothers, and those with joint concerns can benefit from these innovative solutions, avoiding direct contact with unclean toilet seats. Embrace the advantages of online shopping, such as easy access, doorstep delivery, and seamless browsing experience, while making a move towards safeguarding your urinary health with Mylo's tailored UTI prevention products. 


Why Buy UTI prevention products from Mylo? 

Mylo is a one-stop solution for your UTI prevention products need as the range is carefully curated by keeping in mind the challenges that come with public washrooms. From safeguarding against unclean public toilet seats to catering to the needs of pregnant women, new moms, and individuals with joint concerns, our disposable and biodegradable paper toilet seat covers and stand and pee devices offer practical protection. By choosing Mylo, you can travel stress-free and can use public toilets without a second thought as you are equipped with effective tools to avoid UTIs and enhance your overall well-being.