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    10 Effective Home Remedies for Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

    Written on 21 April 2022


    There are so many things going on in a woman’s body during pregnancy. The back kicks and moves, you feel the belly start to grow, and then there’s this feeling of feeling unsettled and heaviness in the stomach. No. This isn’t coming from the baby or the spicy meal that you just ate. It’s all a result of what we call acid reflux during pregnancy.

    Heartburn during pregnancy affects almost 50 percent of expectant mothers. It is extremely common and occurs because of hormonal changes and the pressure on the organs from the growing baby. Most mothers term this as indigestion during pregnancy, but it has little to do with what you eat.

    As the prevalence and intensity of acid reflux during pregnancy increases with the advancing trimesters, most individuals look for medical assistance. Antacids are probably the most damaging curatives at this stage. Avoid medicating yourself, and look for home remedies instead.

    Home Remedies for Heartburn During Pregnancy

    There are several effective home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy. However, making simple modifications to your life by wearing loose clothes, having smaller but frequent meals, and allowing at least three hours between dinner and bedtime can help significantly.

    Here are some great pregnancy heartburn relief remedies you can safely try at home:

    1. Yoghourt:

    In itself, this is the most effective probiotic available for heartburn relief in pregnancy. Extremely safe for consumption, you can add yoghurt to every meal to help soothe and cool the stomach acids and prevent heartburn.

    2. Milk:

    Cold milk is the most refreshing, cooling beverage available. While milk aids digestion in itself, adding a spoon of honey in your milk can help neutralise the acids in the stomach and prevent heartburn altogether. Help yourself to a glass of milk twice a day to prevent the formation of reflux, or sip on cold milk when you feel it come on.

    3. Ginger:

    Among the many great curative and restorative properties that ginger has, one is also that it helps alleviate nausea in the first trimester, and reduce swelling caused in advancing pregnancy. In treating acid reflux during pregnancy, ginger helps by reducing irritation in the intestine and preventing the reflux of the acid through the food pipe and into the throat. Use small amounts of ginger in your food as a preventive. You can also chew on a small piece of ginger with honey, or make a weak ginger tea to sip on.

    4. Almonds:

    They are the perfect answer to your mid-meal cravings. They help fill you and provide you with much-needed healthy oils, protein, and fibre. By neutralising the acids in the stomach, you will notice immediate relief from acid reflux in pregnancy by having a fistful of almonds. What’s more, you will also be able to find relief from other gastrointestinal problems.

    5. Papaya:

    An enzyme in papaya called papains is extremely helpful in addressing heartburn during pregnancy. Although many people advise against the consumption of papaya during pregnancy, US NIH states that ripe papaya is extremely safe. You will notice immediate pregnancy heartburn relief when you consume ripe papaya in small quantities. Do remember that pineapple can help with the same curative properties as papaya. If you feel a little wary of consuming papaya at this time, try some slices of pineapple instead.

    6. Apple cider vinegar:

    Vinegar is believed to be among the most acidic foods. However, apple cider vinegar is rather neutral. The mild acid helps calm the acids in the stomach and neutralise them effectively. Combine one large tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it once a day. It will help provide effective relief.

    7. Herbal tea:

    The ancient system of herbal cures can be effective. Considering heartburn pregnancy issues, herbal teas can prove a fantastic way to calm and soothe the stomach and nerves. Peppermint and marshmallow root are among the best herbs at this time. However, it is best to get approval from your doctor before giving in to any herbs and herbal teas during pregnancy.

    8. Crackers:

    Believe it or not, crackers work well to help fill you up and treat heartburn during pregnancy. Dry foods like crackers instantly absorb the acids and help neutralise the stomach instantly. If you are looking for some immediate relief from a burning sensation in the throat or stomach, this may be just the remedy you are looking for.

    9. Pears and apples:

    The composition of both apples and pears is similar. The fruit helps in relieving acidity and also provides instant relief from any associated symptoms. Grab an apple or pear the moment you begin to feel heartburn start to show. Cut the fruit and eat it with its peel immediately. For the best results, have the fruit cold. You can even enjoy these fruits as an after-meal treat!

    10. Sugar-free gum:

    Chewing gum can produce greater amounts of saliva that can help counter the acid build-up and reduce reflux effectively. Chewing sugar-free gum is the best alternative when pregnant, so make sure you have some handy.

    Acid reflux in pregnancy – What can come handy

    Although these home remedies work really well for acid reflux in pregnancy, it can still trigger discomfort. Here are some tips to help you sail through better:

    • Ensure you sit up for at least forty-five minutes after every meal.
    • Walk around slowly when you notice any signs of acidity or heaviness starting to show.
    • Sip on something cold if you feel a burning sensation in your stomach or throat.
    • Avoid eating very hot, spicy, or oily foods if you are predisposed to heartburn during pregnancy.
    • Spend a little more time chewing and eating smaller mouthfuls. The stomach increases the release of acids when foods are harder to break down and digest.


    A few, simple ingredients found in your home can help you battle heartburn during pregnancy and come out on top. Having healthier schedules and practices can keep the reflux from flaring. Keep yourself prepared, and you will find it much easier to sail through a cooler, more comfortable pregnancy.


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