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Wrap your baby in a cloud of freshness and fluffiness with our range of baby powder, where each sprinkle leaves a trail of softness. Free from talc and full of Mother Nature's bounties, our baby dusting powder will leave your little one smelling sweet and feeling fresh.

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What are the benefits of using a baby powder?

We know you wouldn’t want to use just any product on your baby’s skin unless it’s beneficial for them. When it comes to a baby dusting powder, the benefits are numerous so let’s list some of them:

  1. Absorbs excess moisture

    A dusting powder is particularly used to soak in any extra moisture from the baby’s skin after using a baby lotion or before diapering them. It is especially useful in absorbing sweat and dampness from areas prone to it such as the diaper area, armpits and skin folds like the neck.

  2. Prevents unwanted skin conditions

    By absorbing extra moisture and keeping the skin dry, a powder can help prevent friction between the baby’s skin and their diapers and clothes. This in turn reduces the risk of chafing and rashes. Additionally, keeping the skin dry can manage skin conditions like heat rashes and eczema.

  3. Soothes skin irritation

    A talc free baby powder made with calming ingredients like lavender or chamomile, can help soothe your baby’s skin and reduce skin irritation, inflammation and itching. Additionally, the gentle fragrance of the powder will help relax your baby and keep them smelling fresh.

  4. Keeps the skin fresh

    As the heat rises or your baby becomes more active, they’re likely to sweat more. Since you can’t keep bathing your baby multiple times a day, the best way to keep them fresh and pleasant is to apply a baby powder on their skin.

  5. Protects from bacteria

    Certain baby dusting powders are enriched with anti-bacterial ingredients like tea tree oil which can help keep bacteria away. Additionally, they help prevent build-up of sweat and bodily fluids, which encourages healthy skin.

How to choose the best baby powder?

After reading all these benefits of using a baby powder, you must be eager to use one and that too, the best one. To choose the best baby powder in India, you must consider factors like the safety, quality and fragrance. Here are some tips to help you select the best powder for your baby:

  1. Consider your baby’s skin type

    First things first, get to know your baby’s skin type. Your baby may have dry, oily or sensitive skin and you must find a powder that addresses their particular skin concerns. Powders containing oatmeal or shea butter can help moisturize your baby’s skin. If your baby has sensitive skin, a baby powder with lavender or chamomile may help soothe their skin.

  2. Inspect the ingredients

    Next up, is checking the ingredients label. You must look for a baby dusting powder made with gentle and baby-safe ingredients and avoid baby talcum powder as it contains talc, which if inhaled can pose health risks. Look for safer alternatives like cornstarch baby powder made with natural ingredients like oatmeal powder or arrowroot powder.

  3. Go asbestos and talc free

    As discussed above, powders containing talcum particles can cause respiratory issues and lung damaged if your baby accidentally inhales them when you dust the powder. Additionally, asbestos is a known carcinogenic that can increase the risk of skin cancer. So, you must avoid any powders that contain talc and asbestos.

  4. Prioritize pH balance

    Your baby’s skin is super delicate and to maintain its softness and suppleness, you should select a powder that’s pH balanced as it will help maintain their natural pH balanced and reduce any risk of irritation or discomfort.

  5. Read reviews from parents

    Online reviews from parents can also help you find the best baby powder. Make sure to pay attention to what they have to say about the powder’s texture, feel and fragrance. This will help you find trusted baby powder brands and choose the best for your baby.

  6. Check certifications and recommendations

    Nothing is as important as recommendations from dermatologists and certifications from trusted organizations like Made Safe. So, choose a baby dusting powder that has undergone dermatological tests and has been certified safe. Following these steps will help you choose the best baby powder for newborn in no time.

Tips for using a baby dusting powder

You may think that using a baby powder is no rocket science but for best results, you must know how to use it effectively. So, before you grab that baby powder bottle and start sprinkling it over your baby’s body, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Select the best time for application

    A powder isn’t a baby skincare product that you can apply anytime you’d like. It is recommended to use a baby powder after bathing your baby and having dried their skin with a baby towel. Additionally, you can use it during diaper changes as it will help absorb any moisture, keep their skin dry and reduce the risk of diaper rashes.

  2. Use sparingly

    It’s a dusting powder, you don’t need to bathe your baby in it. Just sprinkle some powder in your palms and apply it over the needful areas like the skin folds, armpits, under the neck and diaper area. Avoid applying the powder directly on their body, instead take the powder in your palms and then pat it over their skin.

  3. Always avoid the face

    You must avoid applying the powder over your baby’s face as your baby may inhale it and that can increase their risk of respiratory issues and lung damage. Even if you use a talc free baby powder, it’s still recommended to not apply it on the baby’s face.

  4. Keep away from eyes, nose and mouth

    As you apply the powder, ensure that it doesn’t get anywhere near your baby’s eyes, nose or mouth as they may inhale it or it may irritate them. Additionally, you should be careful around the diaper area as the powder shouldn’t enter their genital area.

  5. Reapply, if needed

    If the weather is too hot or if your baby sweats often, you can reapply the powder as and when needed. This will help absorb extra sweat and moisture, keep your baby’s skin fresh and help them smell nice too.

  6. Wash your hands after application

    Once you have applied the baby dusting powder, it’s important to wash your hands thoroughly as it will remove any excess powder and ensure that it doesn’t transfer to any other objects or surfaces.

Buy Talc Free Baby Powder at Mylo

Now that you know how to choose and use the best baby powder, it’s time to buy it. So, look no further than the Mylo Baby Powder. Whether you’re looking for a baby powder for summer, a cornstarch baby powder or the best baby powder for newborn- our range of baby powders has it all. Our talc free baby powder is enriched with corn starch, arrowroot, oatmeal powder, lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil- the finest of natural ingredients and without any harmful chemicals like asbestos, SLS, paraben, mineral oil, silicone or formaldehyde. Our baby dusting powder is pH-balanced, dermatologically tested and Made Safe Australia certified so you can sprinkle your baby with safety, love and freshness. Shoo away sweat, rashes and itch and wrap your baby in a cloud of freshness and fluffiness with our baby powder.

Buy the Best Baby Powder in India Online

We know, you want the best for your baby and buying the best baby powder isn’t that tough. When you shop online, you get unlimited access to the best baby powders in India. All you need to do is compare the baby powder price, features, packaging and reviews and place an order. So, whether you want the best baby powder for newborn or the best baby powder for summer, there’s a huge variety waiting for you online. And if you don’t want to put in all that effort and time, then trust the recommendation of dermatologists and certifications of Made Safe Australia and buy the Mylo baby powder. We also offer a wide range of baby skin, baby hair and baby bath and body products.

Why Buy Baby Powder from Mylo?

Loved by over 10 million parents across India, tested by dermatologists and certified by Made Safe Australia, Mylo is the obvious choice if you want to buy the best baby powder in India. Our range of baby powders caters to all your needs, whether you want a baby powder for summer, arrowroot powder for babies or talc free baby powder- we have it all. We combine the best of natural and science-backed ingredients, take away all harsh chemicals and pour in all the love and nourishment your baby needs into every bottle of baby powder we sell. We also offer a wide range of baby bath and body products, baby skincare products and baby hair products along with baby essentials like diapers, baby wipes, feeding bottles, strollers and the list really goes on. So, spin the wheel and raise happiness for your little one.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Powder

1. How often should I use a baby powder for summer?

If your baby sweats a lot, then you can use the powder more frequently than you usually do. You should use it after baby bath and during diaper changes.

2. Is it okay to use arrowroot powder for babies?

Yes, arrowroot powder is a natural alternative to baby talcum powder and is sensitive on babies’ skin.

3. Which is the best baby powder in India?

The best baby powder is one that is trusted by parents, tested by dermatologists and certified by Made Safe and Mylo Baby Powder has the approval of all three.

4. What is the Mylo baby powder price?

The MRP of the Mylo baby powder is Rs 349 but you can get it cheaper with amazing discounts and deals.

5. Can we use this baby powder for newborn?

Yes, you can use it for newborns as it contains only gentle and natural ingredients.

6. When should I use a baby dusting powder?

You can use it after bathing your baby and during diaper changes to soak excess moisture and prevent rashes.