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    How to check your pre-schooler's development with these 5 standard milestones. 

    Written on 10 May 2019

    5 standard milestones to check the impeccable development of your pre-schooler

    Right after blowing the 3 candles on his birthday cake, his world of imagination expands to vivid stretches. During his preschool years, he will mature in several innovative zones. As always there are some standard milestones to mark his growth, fiddle through the below signs to keep a track.

    1. Socially inline

    • Starts playing in groups.

    • Greets to known people himself or after being asked.

    • Pays attention to captivating short stories.

    • Seeks permission before grabbing other people’s belongings.

    • Understands the idea of taking turns.

    • Understands what clean up post play means and respect that.

    1. Rational quotient

    • Scribbles with more control.

    • Sorting by colour, shape, or size is no problem any longer.

    • Gets familiar with different genders.

    • Gets the theory to distinguish between “same” and “different.”

    • Name few colours and numbers correctly.

    • Uses imagination to pretend play and making stories.

    1. Taming the emotions

    • Recognize and recover from anger and tantrums.

    • Expresses feelings in words.

    • Uses more words to show displeasure than physical aggression.

    • Begins to understand the difference between fact and fiction.

    • Identifies different emotions and their relevance.

    • Becomes more independent.

    1. Motor skills watch

    • Uses scissors to cut paper.

    • Puts together the large pieces of Jigsaw puzzles.

    • Can build blocks.

    • Jumps over the obstacles while running.

    • Hops on one foot twice or thrice.

    • Walks up or down the stairs independently.

    1. Mastering the chit chatting

    • Gets hold over basic grammar.

    • Makes sentences using up to 8 words.

    • Speaks clear enough with strangers as well.

    • Gets curious and asks several questions.

    • Sings simple rhymes and songs.

    • Speaks about basic experiences.

    Remember, not even the siblings grow at the same rate. Your child might be behind on a few signs or ahead on others so do not let the stress take over as this is quite common. They do the catching up eventually, enjoy every phase of their growth.

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