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    Breastfeeding & Lactation

    Wondering how long should you be tracking your baby's feed? We will help you

    Written on 22 July 2021

    Motherhood is nothing but signing up for a never-ending job for a cute little bundle of joy. And who wouldn't like to do that? Out of all the tasks that mothers are required to do for a baby, some even demands to be tracked. Once you start tracking, it is equally important to know up to when? Are you a new mother going through a similar dilemma? We will discuss all the possible queries on up to when do you need to track your baby’s feed and why is it important to do so.

    • Till the time your baby turns 1.5 years old: Before the time baby turns 1.5 years old, he is more dependent on the feed for all his nutrition. And we are sure, you would not want to compromise with any less of it. Keeping track is important to check on a proper and adequate amount of intake.

    • Till the time baby starts having solids properly: Before the baby takes solids properly, the only thing he depends on for all his nutrition in the feed. Feed is the only intake you can track till then because little or no food intake is not supposed to be dependent on proper nutrition intake.

    • Baby has started communicating to you when hungry: Keeping track is important till the baby does not begin to communicate when hungry or full. Once he begins to communicate, you can choose not to keep track of the feed or intake of any kind. You will be assured that the baby would not be hungry at any point in time because he/ she can communicate.

    • Helps to keep of baby’s health and his eating cycle: Helps you keep track of the amount of milk intake happening on regular basis and if it is sufficient or not as prescribed by the doctor. Also, helps you keep track of his eating cycle and timings.

    • Beneficial for mothers' health too: The number of benefits that mothers reap by breastfeeding their child is uncountable. It helps them burn calories and shed extra weight early, lowers the risk of breast cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

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