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    5 amazing home remedies for cough and cold in toddlers

    Written on 19 May 2021

    Cough and cold become easily treatable in adults because of the numerous medicines available. But what happens when your little toddler is suffering from a cold and cough? Well, the first thing is that you lose your sleep and mind over it. All you want is for your baby to heal and be comfortable. Home remedies are best if tried religiously and have shown significant improvements in a child's health. Here is a list of a few of the best home remedies for your toddler:

    1. Nasal saline drops and a bulb syringe

    The bulb syringe used in combination with nasal saline drops works best for toddlers who do not know how to blow their nose. All you have to do is squeeze 2-3 drops of saline drops into each of your baby's nostrils by holding their head back and still for about 10 seconds. Once the mucus is loosened, the bulb syringe can help you get the mucus out of your baby's nose. If your baby does not do well with a bulb syringe, simply put the nasal saline drops and wait for the mucus to dilate. Once it does, clean it with a soft napkin.

    1. Steam

    Breathing in steam will loosen the mucus inside the nose and provide instant relief. A Vaporizer or a Humidifier would be great options to do the same. Alternatively, you and sit with your child in the bathroom at a distance from a hot shower. This way, your baby will be able to take in the steam from the hot shower.

    1. Lots of fluids

    A good quantity of fluid helps your baby to stay hydrated at all times. Warm liquids such as warm water, hot moong pani, vegetable soups, dal soup etc., help in relieving cold symptoms such as aches, congestion, fever and fatigue. If you are still breastfeeding your baby, there's nothing better than that.

    1. Elevate your baby’s head

    One way to help your baby breathe during sleep is to raise your baby's head while she sleeps. All you have to do is stuff some extra pillows under your baby’s head and above the mattress so that her head is at an angle.

    1. A lot of rest

    Who doesn't want to rest due to illness? Whether kids or adults, nobody likes to be disturbed when they're sleeping. When your baby is ill, it means that her body is fighting an infection within. Due to this, all your baby's energy goes into fighting the infection, which wears her out. Hence, your baby would need some undisturbed and undivided rest!

    A sick child can dilute your thinking capability, but as a parent, it is crucial to keep calm and be patient with your child, no matter how tough it gets!

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