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    Diet & Nutrition

    Pregnant ladies and new moms: what to eat and what not to eat while fasting in Navratras

    Written on 14 October 2020

    Expert Verified

    Dr. Vani Puri

    Obstetrician- Gynecologist, Infertility Specialist - MBBS| DGO, DNB

    Navratras, a festival to be celebrated with much fervour among Indians, including pregnant women and newly blessed mums. But you need to be mindful that you have an added responsibility to take care of, so here is a list of 9 safe foods which you can savour keeping yourself well even during fasts.

    Kuttu Dosa

    Replace your regular Kuttu poories with dosa to keep it oil-free yet tasty. As an option, you can make it with a potato filling. This most used ingredient during fasts is high in fibre and provides numerous vitamins to detoxify the body.

    Singhara Halwa

    A mouth-watering substitute to Singhara’s bitter taste is to make halwa with its flour in milk and top it with sweet and dry fruits. It cools the body and cures indigestion and nausea.

    Sabudana Khichri

    Rich in carbohydrates, Sabudana khichri is loved by one and all. Peanuts, black pepper and cumin powder seasoning hit the right taste buds and provide you the much-needed energy to stay up.

    Pumpkin Soup

    Love soups? This is here to rescue. Made with easy blending and boiling of pumpkin, ginger, rock salt and turmeric, this snack is a powerhouse of immunity-boosting agents.

    Makhana Kheer

    This easy peasy recipe needs roasting and grinding of Makhanas boiled in simmered milk. Top it with little sugar, cardamom powder and dry fruits to enhance the flavour. Here you have low-calorie antioxidants served in a bowl!

    Banana Raita

    To ease out your famine cravings, serve yourself this banana yoghurt and mild spices’. This bowl of raita is extremely healthy, filling and easy to make.

    Apple Rabri

    Loaded with goodness, this recipe needs you to peel and grate sweet apples and boil them in milk with little sugar and cardamom powder. Enjoy health with taste!

    Aloo Curry

    A powerhouse of carbohydrates, this curry is made with boiled potatoes, rock salt and mild spices. This is best eaten with a kuttu dosa.

    Chana Sundal

    It is a popular chat in South India containing sprouts, coconut, sesame seeds and curry leaves with salt and mild spices. Each ingredient is packed with nutrition and proteins.

    Threat alert: You need to keep your salt and liquid intake in place to avoid weakness. Papaya, Pineapple, and Aloe vera are the forbidden fruits for pregnant women which are not allowed since they are high in latex and enzymes which may lead to miscarriage. Tulsi leaves, fenugreek and fennel seeds, Kuttu and Singhara Atta are to be consumed only moderately.

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    Verified Article by

    Dr. Vani Puri

    Obstetrician- Gynecologist, Infertility Specialist - MBBS| DGO, DNB
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