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    Top tips: What can dads do when the wife goes into labour

    Written on 24 June 2021

    Labor Pain-What Dads Need to Know

    Every one of us is well aware of the job of a would-be-mom at the time of childbirth.

    However, would-be-dads play a crucial role by providing encouragement and the necessary support they need. The reason is that the male partner of a pregnant woman is the main person for all types of duties, which he has to fulfil regularly.

    In this blog post, we have shared a few essential tips, by which men must proceed with confidence and patience during the most critical phase of their female partners i.e. labour pain.

    1. Prepare a Proper Plan

    You must make sure to prepare yourself at least a few weeks in advance before the due date of your wife. Especially, you must map out the most suitable route to your selected maternity hospital.

    Irrespective of whether you choose to drive your car or hire a cab, you must go with a trial run to avoid any wrong turn or stuck due to any surprise on the day of your female partner’s labour pain. If possible, you should install a suitable infant car seat, as you may need it while driving back home.

    2. Identify and Time the Contractions

    You have to keep in mind that contractions do not take place regularly. Instead, they last for a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes. In other words, contractions go and come and even subside whenever your partner shifts her position. Labor contractions have different patterns, become long or get strong and become closer with time.

    As a would-be-dad, you have to help your partner in identifying what exactly is going on. This helps you both to stay calm and gain more control. An easy way to give support to would-be-mom during her early labour is to time her contractions.

    Accordingly, you have to time the contractions’ intervals right from the beginning of the one to the next one. You must call the gynaecologist or midwife if the labour pain contractions of your female partner become frequent, lasts for a long time, or becomes painful.

    3. Help Your Partner to Perform Relaxation Exercises

    To keep your female partner relaxed during her labour pain is your prime responsibility. Hence, you must perform and inspire your partner to involve in various exercises related to progressive muscle relaxation or a few motivating exercises. Alternatively, depending on the requirements, you may massage her back or head and hold the hand tightly during her rough contractions.

    Overall, would-be-dads have various responsibilities to fulfill to make the new moms feel happy even during labor pain, which is the toughest phase of their life.

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