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    Age-Appropriate Toys for Your Little One

    Written on 20 July 2021

    Have you ever looked at the level of concentration on your child’s face when she tries to fit a square cube into a square hole or catch a ball in mid-air? Remember, playtime is not simple and is only related to fun and games. It is a serious business, and toys are the tools of the trade.

    The article offers you an age-wise guide about how your kid plays and the toys that keep them entertained. Besides, the guide also helps the kids understand the world, learn emotional and social skills, and stimulate brain development.

    How do Babies play?

    Your baby’s first year is all about exploration and use their five senses to learn all about the interesting new world around them. Most play consists of “tasting” or mouthing an object, shaking, banging, and dropping it. With the development of motor skills, play becomes coordinated and complex.

    At about four months old, babies begin reaching out for and grabbing objects, such as a rattle.

    By about 6 or 7 months, they can transfer the rattle between their hands.

    At around nine months, a newly developed grasp makes it easier for babies to pick up smaller objects, such as blocks and other age-appropriate toys.

    1-2 Years

    Your baby at this age loves playing with a ball that they can strike with hammer or button games that create music and characters to pop up. You can him the following games:

    • Stacking rings

    • Nesting cups and boxes

    • Push-or-pull toys that make sound

    • Shape sorters

    • Rubber ducks or toy boats during bath

    2-3 Years

    It is when your baby starts developing the skills and imitates your and other family members’ actions. Offer her toys with real-life sounds such as:

    • Toy telephones that ring

    • Dolls and stuffed animals

    • Ride-on toys, such as tricycles

    • Props for make-believe play, such as a tea-party set, a toy kitchen, or a doll stroller

    4-5 Years

    Children by now have tremendous explorations to learn. It is great to introduce interactive educational toys that would teach math and verbal skills. Top toys for the age include:

    • Art supplies and craft kits

    • Blocks of different shapes

    • Complex puzzles

    • Electronic toys and

    • Constructions sets, such as Legos or Lincoln Logs

    6-7 Years

    At this age, your child is a great fan of computer games. They also invite their friends over to play sports, card games, and board games. Some of the toys you can offer your kids include:

    • Remote-control cards

    • Basic science kits

    • Computer and video games

    • Constructions sets, such as Legos

    • Board games involving strategies, such as chess and checkers

    8 Years and Above

    Kids are more attracted to outdoor games such as scooters, bicycles, and in-line skaters at this age. Besides, they acquire great interests, abilities, and hobbies and display a passion for becoming a collector. You can offer the following games to your kid:

    • Craft kits

    • Computer and video games

    • Elaborate science kits

    • Outdoor sporting equipment

    • Model kits

    • Board games and

    • Intricate construction sets

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