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    Postpartum depression can be cured - Here's how you can help your wife

    Written on 24 June 2021

    How to help your wife deal with Postpartum depression?

    • Living with someone who is depressed can be incredibly frustrating. This is especially true if you have a new baby and you are a young dad. Your house appears to be overflowing with tasks that need to be done right away.
    • It's possible that something you believe or say won't help. Remember Dads, you cannot fix the depression instantly but you can ease the problems.
    • Postpartum depression requires more time to recover than you think. No matter how hard you try or how much you love your wife, there will always be a gap that your wife will feel. You should stay with her and help her to work things out.

    These suggestions could be useful:

    Practical things you can do to support her:

    • Try to help her with the daily household work, ease the burden.

    • Always pick up your wife's phone. Take the message with you.

    • Attend her doctor's visits with her.

    • Research and know more about postpartum depression. Always keep a tab on the essential points.

    • The single most essential thing you can do to assist her is simply to be there with her. Sit next to her. With no television, no children, or no dog, just spend quality time with her. Make sure she knows you're there.

    Emotional things you can do to support her:

    • Try to check as much as possible, by calling her from work. If she's having a rough day, call her again. Show her that you are with her all the time.

    • Ask her several times if there is any work you can do to assist her. There is no shame in helping your wife in her work.

    • When she speaks to you, look her in the eyes.

    • Encourage her to do something different and unique, this will cheer her mind.

    • Pay attention to her while she speaks and reciprocates.

    Things to remember:

    According to various studies, a woman's depression improves significantly when she has the continuous support of her husband. The more you pretend that the depression will go away on its own or deny that it exists, the longer it will take for her to recover. The more you anticipate her, the more you demand, the more difficult it will be for her to recuperate. This is something you have to take care of seriously and with utmost patience.

    Here are a few things you can say that will help you to support her:

    • Tell her that you understand how bad she feels and will feel better eventually.

    • Tell her she's doing great to improve her situation (therapy, medication, etc.).

    • Tell her that even if she is miserable, she is still a good mother.

    • Tell her it's fine if she makes errors; she doesn't have to be flawless all of the time.

    • Lastly, constantly remind her that you love her and you are in this together.

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