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    Co-Parenting? Here’s What You Should Be Doing

    Written on 20 July 2021

    While you are dealing with some chronic conditions like depression, you must focus more on creating a balance and well-being every day. However, while you are divorced or separated or sharing the custody of your child, the struggles of co-parenting create enormous stressors. Often reciprocal interactions of the parents create difficulties in the process. Successful co-parenting requires empathy, open communication, and patience.

    The article focuses on the practices that you must carry out while co-parenting.

    Things You Must Do During Co-parenting

    Practice open dialogue with your ex

    You can do this through email, text, voicemail, letters, and face-to-face conversation. There are websites where you can upload schedules, share information, and communicate with your ex.

    Make rules that are consistent and agreed by both households

    Children need to have a routine structure. Both of you need to be consistent on tasks like mealtime, bedtime, and other chores that require completion. The same goes for their schools, homework, and projects.

    Talk positively around the house

    As a parent, you must teach your children manners and etiquette to talk to people at home and in public. Make it a rule to frown on your kid when you see them talking disrespectfully about your ex, even though it might sound like music to your ears.

    Agree on boundaries and behavioral guidelines

    You must agree and stick to specific boundaries and guidelines while raising your children and ensuring consistency in their lives irrespective of the parents with whom they are staying. Research shows that children in homes with a unified parenting approach have better well-being.

    Create an extended family plan

    You must negotiate and agree on the role played by the extended family members. It is of utmost importance when your child is in each other’s charge.

    Recognize the challenges brought by co-parenting

    Always remember you made the accommodations in your parenting style, not looking after your ex’s needs but the needs of your children.

    Beware of slippery slopes

    Children frequently test boundaries and rules, especially if there is a chance to get something they fail to obtain generally. Hence, you need to perform co-parenting with unity.

    Go on high notes

    Each of you has valuable strengths as parents. Ensure to recognize the different traits that you and your ex possess and reinforce the awareness within your child. Speaking positively about your ex teaches your child, despite your differences, helps in appreciating positive things about your ex.

    Be boring

    Inspire your children to carry out ordinary things with your ex and not only the fun things.


    Placing sole focus on your kids is a great way of offering co-parenting a positive experience.

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