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    my story....You must read those who are sufferings problems from in-laws families and husband

    Written on 7 November 2018

    I have 5 sisters in laws and mothers in law everything going to smoothly two years completed to my years going fabulous for me little bit problems going on but I should always ignore it.after married 4 month's we live together in joined family's after two months planned baby my periods miss that time 2017 I was not checked it before that never missed my periods suddenly my periods miss . Vomiting start it.i was not take rest doing household chore everything.suddenly 18 feb 2017 got some bleeding i was afraid so I told my hubby he was also tensed the my mother's in laws first gone to my sister's in laws house when she said I am not coming then she gone with me .That time dr checked me she said might be pregnant 80% bleeding is their you should do one sonugrafic then clear it .When return to home she called nani saas she said dr k nakhre hote h tum kuch mat karo every months my bleeding going on.....My hubby gone to the sailing.when I come my muje my mom doing all check up after 3,4 month dr said you are not pregnant...If that time check up might be you are this scenario my mother's in laws blame me you abort your baby when you are went to the husband come September 2017 again we are trying not conceiving within 2 months I go to dr full check up not any issues between us.after one months i am convinced.nov...Till 2 month I am not disclose in laws house only my hubby knows .My Father in laws said to my hubby jitna kaam karegy tabhi normal delivery hogi tabhi november some issues are coming 4,5 days my hubby not talking to me even I am also but my hubby come and take it to me in laws sil,mil not taking to me.i am doing all House chore everything even wo mujhe meri saas itna sunna lagi mujhe koi had nhi not infront of my hubby or fil .My sil checked my mobile phone bhabhi kisse bat karti h me apne ghar me bhi kisi se bat nhi karsakti .....Bahot tension thi ek when I go to take shawer my sil checked my phone washroom door locked from out side and checked my massage calling everything fr bahot bada jagda hua me sab se maffi mangi even my mom also agar kuch galti ki me waha se agai my hubby went to sailing.that time I was pregnant koi care karne wala nhi tha .Pura din mujhe itni bate sunay sablog per me kuch bhi kisi ko nhi boli ...Itne sal jisey shadi ko khamosh thi me apne my ke agai yaha se bhi saas ko phone karu to chillana uder hubby ko call karti thi wo bhi bahot chillate the bus bolte Tum sasural chali jouw or mere sasural wale mujhe bulana nhi chahate the ek bar bhi nhi bole tum ajou sirf mere hubby k ilawa mere hubby nhi the waha .Me nhi gai mene apni saas ko call karna band kardiya to waha se ek call tak nhi ata tum kaisi ho tabiyat kaisi kuch nhi even husband ne bhi call karna band kardiya or me hubby ko karti to bole ayenda call nhi karna jab me sirf 2 month pregnant thi...Koi sasural wale tak nhi puche even jaha husband ka sath chaiye wo bhi nhi mila.....Jab baby hua tab mene massage kardi thi hubby ko in laws ko tab baby ko dekhne aye the bus.lekin mane bahot suffer kiya mane apni pregnancy kaise sambhal mujhe pata h.bus apne baby pe dyan dena aplog Jo is stage me h.q agar koi complications hongi to apko hi face karna h koi or sath nhi dega.isliye pray to God or keep patient sirf babies pe dyan do.kya khoow kaise sleeping position lu,konsa workout karu... Family k sath raho friends k hangout karo,walk karo.. Alhamdulillah meri pregnancy me koi complications nhi ayegi or meri normal delivery hui,3.100kg mera baby hua........Jab baby ko dekho ge to sab bhul jouw jeene ka sahara mil jayga...Or ek na ek din sab thik hoga.still I am waiting to my husband and tell everything about in laws.....Still I am in myke...Pray for me me bhi ghar bas jaye aplogo ki tarah mere bachche ko bhi uske papa ka pyar mile....Thank u
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