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    Are you aware of these 11 early signs and symptoms of pregnancy? 

    Written on 28 June 2018

    Expert Verified

    Dr. Ritu S Santwani

    Infertility treatment, Cosmetology, Recurrent abortion treatment, Menopause, Hysteroscopy & colposcopy, PCOS/PCOD, Sexual health - M.D (Obst & Gynaec)| FICOG, FIAOG, AMRCOG, ART-Singapore

    If you are actively trying to conceive, then missing your menstrual periods is considered as one of the first signs of pregnancy. The journey of pregnancy is different for every woman. Not every woman experiences the same pregnancy symptoms because of their different body type or any chronic disease if persists. The moment you start planning to have a baby and you experience a menstrual irregularity, you must speak to your gynecologist. At times, before heading to the doctor or begore doing a pregnancy test, you might experience some early signs of pregnancy without realizing that you’re pregnant. Only a pregnancy test kit can give you the surety of a confirmed pregnancy. Below-mentioned are some early signs of pregnancy that some women notice before even taking a pregnancy test:

    • Spotting/ Implantation and cramping-

    When a fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus after conception then some women experience light spotting which is also known as implantation bleeding. The spotting or slight bleeding is usually lighter in color than normal menstrual blood and it occurs in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Not all women experience it, however if you notice it, you must report it to your doctor. Besides bleeding, some women experience mild cramps which resemble menstrual cramps and are also mistaken as the beginning of the menstrual period.

    • Breast Changes-

    A lot of hormonal changes happen after conception. It becomes sore, swollen, has visible veins, and is tender to touch. The dark area around the nipples (areola) may also darken.

    • Nausea (with or without vomiting)-

    Some women experience morning sickness in extreme at any time of the day whereas some never experience it. Changes in the hormonal levels make the pregnant woman feel nauseated and it is one of the common early signs as well.

    • Frequent urination-

    The human body produces a hormone called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in the first few weeks of pregnancy which increases the blood flow to the pelvic region. That makes your kidneys work hard and puts pressure on your bladder which makes your loo trips endless.

    • Fatigue/Tiredness-

    The rise in your progesterone levels makes you feel sleepy day and night. A lot is happening inside your body which makes you feel tired and exhausted.

    • Constipation-

    The hormonal changes slow down your intestinal functioning. The increase in progesterone levels relaxes your muscles while preparing your body for childbirth and this makes your digestive system work slow.

    • Aversions/Food cravings-

    One of the strange changes that you will be experiencing from the beginning of your pregnancy is that your favorite food may no longer tempt you and you may find yourself craving certain food items like desserts, tangy fruits, spicy, etc.

    • Moodiness-

    You may find yourself struggling with severe mood swings like at one point you are annoyed and weepy and in fractions of seconds you feel elated. If your mood swings are happening in extreme then you must seek a therapist because this happens due to changes in your hormones.

    • Headaches-

    Many pregnant women complaints about frequent mild headaches which happen due to the increased blood volume and hormones. Hypertension and high blood pressure levels also result in severe headaches during the beginning of pregnancy.

    • Hip pain and Back pain-

    Increasing weight and some changes in your body like pressure on your ligaments, a heavier uterus, sciatica, changes in your posture, and shifted the center of gravity leads to severe hip and back pain during the pregnancy.

    • Acne-

    Many women experience acne during pregnancy due to the increase of the androgen hormone. This pregnancy acne is temporary and it clears up after the child's birth.

    Some women experience different early pregnancy symptoms like insomnia, depression, diarrhea, heartburn, bloating, and fainting. You can be pregnant without experiencing the above-mentioned early signs of pregnancy. Still, if you miss your periods and notice any of the above signs, then you must take a home pregnancy test and make an appointment with your gynecologist. The sooner your pregnancy is confirmed, the better your entire journey of pregnancy will be. Prenatal care plays a vital role during this blissful journey.

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    Dr. Ritu S Santwani

    Infertility treatment, Cosmetology, Recurrent abortion treatment, Menopause, Hysteroscopy & colposcopy, PCOS/PCOD, Sexual health - M.D (Obst & Gynaec)| FICOG, FIAOG, AMRCOG, ART-Singapore
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