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    List of Most Common Words that start with v for small children


    List of Most Common Words that start with v for small children

    Updated on 14 May 2024

    Do you know why early learning is important for your child? Well, whatever your child will learn in the initial few years of life and most importantly the way they learn it can have an ever-lasting impression on their health and success as kids, teenagers, and even adults. Therefore, fostering a positive and fun environment while studying is important as they quickly relate things. Words that start with V can help to boost their vocabulary and make them better readers, writers, and speakers in the long run.

    In this encyclopedic guide you will find countries that start with V, fruit names, positive words and much more. Stay tuned till the end!

    List of simple V start words

    Have you ever noticed an interesting fact about the alphabet v? V is a letter that is always accompanied by one or more vowels when it is the first letter. Let’s check some V start words:

    1. Valley

    1. Valid

    1. Vegetable

    1. Vacuum

    1. Vary

    1. Vast

    1. Voice

    1. Vocal

    1. Vivid

    1. Vital

    1. Vegan

    1. Vegetarian

    Names of countries that start with V

    There are 3 countries in the world that get their name with the alphabet V. The name of a country holds cultural significance for a diverse group of the population. Let’s learn names of countries that start with V:

    1. Vietnam

    1. Venezuela

    1. Vanuatu

    Collection of adjectives that start with V

    The alphabet V forms many adjectives from vast, valuable, vital to violet. You can teach some adjectives that start with V to your child to make reading a tad easier.

    1. Vast

    1. Violet

    1. Velvet

    1. Vital

    1. Viral

    1. Vivid

    1. Vacant

    1. Various

    1. Valuable

    1. Valued

    1. Vaccinated

    1. Vein

    1. Valid

    1. Visible

    1. Vapid

    1. Variant

    1. Vile

    1. Vast

    1. Vegetarian

    1. Visual

    Frequently used things beginning with V

    Things beginning with V include vaccine and van. Some other things beginning with V are:

    1. Violin

    1. Vaccine

    1. Van

    1. Velvet

    Most used two letter words with V

    Most two letter words with V are abbreviations of words like VJ means Video Jockey and VO means Voie Over. You can introduce your little one with these words to make them more fluent in English. Let’s check a few two letter words with V:

    1. Va

    1. VI

    1. VL

    1. Vs

    1. VJ

    1. VM

    1. VC

    1. VO

    1. VW

    List of Positive words that start with V

    The power of positive affirmations for kids is emphasized every now and then. Positive affirmations will assist your child in gaining much needed confidence, inculcate a growth mindset and make them truly value themselves. Kids need to hear what makes them special and strong repeatedly. Let’s look at some of the positive words that start with V:

    1. Valued

    1. Valid

    1. Valiant

    1. Vast

    1. Vacation

    1. Vaccination

    1. Valedictorian

    1. Valor

    1. Vanquish

    1. Varied

    1. Variegate

    1. Voracious

    1. Variable

    1. Valt

    1. Veer

    1. Venerated

    1. Virtuous

    1. Variety

    1. Vent

    1. Victory

    Names of Fruits that starts with V

    Knowing the names of fruit is essential to identify them. Kids are generally picky eaters and educating them about different colorful fruits may help them to develop healthy eating habits. Some of the fruits that start with V are:

    1. Velvet tamarind

    1. Velvet apple

    1. Velvet orange

    1. Valencia pride mango

    1. Victoria plum

    1. Verna lemon

    Teach your child Nouns that start with V

    Nouns are important parts of speech that help in framing sentences. Knowing about different nouns will assist your child in identifying the subject of sentence. It will make your child learn to read and write in English comfortably. Some of the nouns that start with V are:

    1. Vacation

    1. Valid

    1. Value

    1. Valiant

    1. Vaccine

    1. Vacuum

    1. Valor

    1. Valuable

    1. Venture

    1. Vintage

    1. Vitality

    1. Valentine

    1. Van

    1. Vanity

    1. Vase

    Commonly used 5 letter words starting V

    Training your little one to learn 5 letter words aids in boosting their confidence in reading, writing, and speaking. Some frequently used 5 letter words starting V are:

    1. Vague

    1. Valid

    1. Valet

    1. Valor

    1. Value

    1. Valve

    1. Vapid

    1. Vapor

    Final words

    Each word is a blend of different sounds made by an alphabet individually. Introducing new words at a young age helps the kids to identify the sounds of different alphabets in different words. It enhances their reading, writing, and speaking skills. Educating your child in a playful manner about words that start with V is an excellent way to improve his/her vocabulary.

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