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    Words that start with O for early learning in small kids

    Words that start with O for early learning in small kids

    Updated on 14 May 2024

    Small children are quick learners, ready to grasp all the information that comes their way. It is good practice to expose them to different words at a young age as it will lay the foundation for becoming a better reader. Your child may or may not become a wordsmith, but playing fun vocabulary games will increase their general knowledge and make them more informed. If you’re thinking about words that start with O, then you are at the right place.

    In this write-up, we will list names of countries that start with O, and other aspects including 5 letter words that start with O and much more. So, let’s get started!

    Collection of words that start with 0

    Words are the most powerful resource while learning a language. Kids take small steps at a time and exposing them to multiple simple concepts such as animals that start with O or positive words that start with O, is good practice. Check the below list of words starting with O:

    1. Orange

    1. Ox

    1. Owl

    1. Ostrich

    1. Octopus

    1. Oats

    1. Office

    1. Oil

    1. Ocean

    1. Oven

    1. Omlette

    1. Onion

    1. Open

    1. On

    1. Or

    List of countries that start with o

    Can you recall a country starting with O? If not, then read the lines below carefully. Oman is the only country starting with O. Oman is an Arab monarchy on the southeastern coasts of Arab Peninsula. The country has trading connections with many countries, but it has kept its tradition intact.

    Common adjectives that start with o

    Adjectives are an important part of speech, as they help to describe nouns. These common adjectives that start with O will help to enrich your baby’s vocabulary with new words. Let’s check a few common adjectives starting with O:

    1. Ordinary

    1. Opaque

    1. Open-air

    1. Optional

    1. Organic

    1. Okay

    1. Overjoyed

    1. Optimistic

    1. Obedient

    1. Original

    Simple 5 letter words that start with o

    Kids learn in stages, initially three letter words, and slowly progress to learn 5 letter words that start with O. You can also explain the meaning of these words by framing some simple sentences for better understanding.

    1. Onion

    1. Olive

    1. Order

    1. Ocean

    1. Obese

    1. Organ

    1. Other

    1. Older

    1. Occur

    1. Outer

    List of animals that start with o

    There are many animals that start with O. Invoke your child’s cognitive abilities by asking questions like name an animal that starts with O. This will foster sharp problem-solving skills in your young one.

    1. Octopus

    1. Orangutan

    1. Owl

    1. Ostrich

    1. Ox

    1. Olingo

    1. Opossum

    1. Onager

    1. Oribi

    1. Oryx

    1. Orca

    Everyday things that start with o

    Name, Place, Animal, and Thing is a fun game to improve your child’s vocabulary. While playing the game, your child will think about everyday things that start with O. Let’s check some of the simpler ones:

    1. Oil

    1. Ointment

    1. Oil Painting

    1. Oven

    List of positive words that start with o

    Positive words help in building good habits in your child and create a nurturing environment in which they can flourish. Let’s check some positive words that start with O:

    1. Optimistic

    1. Observant

    1. Obedient

    1. Opportune

    1. Original

    1. Outstanding

    1. Overjoyed

    Activities to teach kids 4 letter words starting with o

    Kids' activities keep them engaged for longer periods and teach them new things in a fun and easy way. They can quickly pick 4 letter words starting with O through various activities like:

    • Art Activities

    Drawing and painting are one of the most effective ways to make a connection between pictures and words. You can draw different nouns that start with O and ask your child to color them.

    • Finding O words

    Jumble words that begin with different alphabets and amongst them, ask your child to circle the words starting with O. This quiz will finetune not only their vocabulary skills but also polish their alertness and concentration.

    • Show and tell games

    The show and tell game helps your child to locate an object starting with the letter O. You can ask your child about different things that start with O present at home such as Oven and Oreo biscuits.

    Names of fruits that start with O

    Knowing about fruits that start with O aids in fostering good eating habits in your child. It makes them aware about their food items and helps them to make healthy food choices.

    1. Oranges

    1. Olives

    1. Okra

    1. Oil Palm Fruit

    1. Opal Palm

    1. Opal Apple

    1. O’Henry Peach

    Popular movies that start with O

    If your child is a movie fan, then you can also ask him/her about some of the names of the movies that start with O. Let’s check some popular movies with the alphabet O:

    1. Oggy and the cockroaches

    1. Over the Hedge

    1. One hundred and one dalmatians

    List of nouns that start with o – 1300

    A noun refers to the name of people, places, animals, and things. Performing fun activities that involve list of nouns that start with O is an easy and interesting way to develop language skills in your little one. Some of the common nouns with the letter O are:

    1. Oak

    1. Oasis

    1. Oatmeal

    1. Objective

    1. Oblivion

    1. Odor

    1. Official

    1. Offer

    1. Offence

    1. Office

    Common verbs that start with o – 1000

    Verbs are the action words - external such as running or jumping and internal like thinking. You must use verbs while expressing your actions and feelings. Here are some common verbs that start with O:

    1. Object

    1. Operate

    1. Obtain

    1. Organize

    1. Outgrow

    1. Overflow

    1. Optimize

    To Sum-up

    Words develop essential language skills and are an important ally especially during the early years of life. Small children have higher levels of engagement, participation, sense of achievement and recall of their learning. Teaching your child words that start with O is an upright model for developing vocabulary and essential linguistic skills. Pick different alphabets and immerse them in a wonderful world of words.

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