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    Exploring Common Words that Start with P to Enhance Vocabulary in Small Children


    Exploring Common Words that Start with P to Enhance Vocabulary in Small Children

    Updated on 25 May 2024

    Are you wondering where to start to improve your child’s vocabulary? One of the tried and tested ways is to introduce new words with each alphabet. Supposing you are teaching just 10 new words with 1 alphabet every day, then in less than a month, your child will learn 260 words. Isn’t that great! In this across-the-board article, you will find just everything you are looking for and about P words. Common words that start with P include 5 letter words, positive words, country names, and animals starting with P. With no further delay, Let’s get going!

    The Power of Words that start with P

    There are many words that start with P including play, pet, pick, and post, which you can teach your child. Educating your child about P words is a wonderful way to add some new words to your kids’ vocabulary. Learning new words makes it easier for kids to read, write, and speak in any language. Let’s check some common words that start with P:

    1. Pet

    1. Pull

    1. Play

    1. Pen

    1. Post

    1. Pick

    1. Pin

    1. Pot

    1. Peaceful

    1. Pretty

    1. Pure

    1. Pleasant

    1. Prince

    1. Princess

    1. Price

    1. Polite

    1. Proper

    1. Praise

    1. Patient

    1. Polished

    Most common 5 letter words that start with P

    Learning about slightly bigger words makes the child familiar with the sounds of different alphabets in words. Slowly, your child be able to draw inferences, and this lays the foundation of effective reading. The key to success in reading and writing lies in the exposure to new words regularly. Let’s look at some of the most common words that start with P:

    1. Pinch

    1. Pinky

    1. Pretty

    1. Peach

    1. Piece

    1. Paper

    1. Prick

    1. Place

    1. Paint

    1. Photo

    1. Petty

    1. Pearl

    1. Price

    1. Proof

    1. Press

    1. Plate

    1. Proud

    1. Power

    1. Plush

    1. Prove

    1. Prone

    1. Prism

    1. Pupil

    1. Paste

    1. Pearl

    1. Pesky

    1. Poise

    1. Pedal

    1. Polka

    1. Plump

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    Positive words that start with P to boost vocabulary

    It is important to use more positive words while interacting with your child. This develops a sense of security and fosters positive emotions and in turn, develops a healthy bond between you and your little one. Some of the positive words that start with P are:

    1. Passionate

    1. Pearly

    1. Palpable

    1. Pardon

    1. Parental

    1. Peaceful

    1. Participant

    1. Palatable

    1. Peaceful

    1. Powerful

    1. Peerless

    1. Persuasive

    1. Paramount

    1. Peak

    1. Paradise

    1. Pampering

    1. Particular

    1. Patience

    1. Price

    1. Poetry

    1. Pragmatic

    1. Perky

    1. Passion

    1. Progress

    Exploring countries that start with P

    How many country names that begin with p can you think of? Poland, Philippines, Portugal, and Pakistan are some of the countries that start with P. But do you know there are a total of 10 nations that have P as their initial letter. Let’s discover together!

    1. Philippines

    1. Poland

    1. Portugal

    1. Pakistan

    1. Panama

    1. Palau

    1. Palestine Territories

    1. Papua New Guinea

    1. Paraguay

    1. Portugal

    Discovering things that start with P

    Your child can easily call some of the mundane things by their names like a pen, pencil, or pencil box. Teaching him/her about things that start with p will improve observation skills in addition to communication skills. Some of the things that start with P are:

    1. Pants

    1. Pebbles

    1. Piana

    1. Pen

    1. Pencil

    1. Pencil Box

    1. Plate

    1. Purse

    1. Pocket

    1. Pasta

    1. Photograph

    1. Pillow

    1. Pickle

    1. Plant

    1. Pacifier

    1. Pajamas

    1. Page

    1. Powder

    1. Polish

    1. Paint

    1. Palace

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    Animals that start with P and their characteristics

    There are many animals that start with P. Knowing about different animal names and their characteristics is a wonderful way to make your child aware of his/her surroundings. Learning about animals and their natural habitats will instill compassion for all living creatures from a young age. Some of the animals that start with P are:

    1. Platypus

    Platypus can easily adapt for a semi-aquatic lifestyle. This creature has a streamline body and a flat and broad tail with waterproof fur covering maintaining body temperature. Platypus swims in the water with the help of webbed limbs and partially webbed hind feet.

    1. Panda

    The giant panda is called as panda bear or panda and is found in China. Pandas have peculiar black and white coats and distinctive black fur around the eyes, ears, muzzle, legs, and shoulders.

    1. Porcupine

    Porcupines are known for their sharp quills. These quills are generally placed flat till a porcupine feels threatened. Porcupines are not capable of shooting their quills on predators, but they detach their quills rather easily when touched.

    1. Penguin

    A penguin is a flightless bird having a large head, short neck and elongated body. Their legs and webbed feet are kept far back on the body which provides an upright posture to the bird.

    1. Pelican

    Pelicans are large water birds who have a long beak and a large throat pouch which can be utilized for grabbing prey. They belong to the family Pelecanidae.

    1. Panther

    The stand-apart feature of panther is black fur coat on the animal's skin. This creature is extremely powerful and fearless. Panthers are very aggressive, which makes other animals and people fearful.

    1. Parrot

    Most children are fascinated with parrots who are colorful, have a strong curved beak, upright stance, and clawed feet. They are intelligent birds who can speak and mimic human language.

    1. Pigeon

    Pigeons have short necks and are stout bodied birds. They mainly eat seeds, herbs and fruits.

    1. Peacock

    Peacock is India’s national bird which is known for its bright feathers. The appearance of this bird may vary depending upon their species. The Indian variety has a flashy plumage having a bright blue head and neck which they use to attract mates.

    1. Parakeet

    Parakeets are small birds who have a slender body and long, tapered tails. They are generally present in hues of green and yellow with black distinct markings present on their back, nape, and wings.

    Fruits that start with P and their nutritional benefits

    Let’s learn the names of some fruits that start with p along with their nutritional benefits:

    1. Papaya

    Introducing papaya to your child’s diet is a good option as it is packed with essential nutrients such as vitamin A, B, C, folate, and minerals like magnesium, iron, copper, potassium, calcium, lycopene, and phosphorus.

    1. Passion Fruit

    Passion fruit is a rich source of vitamin A and C, that supports immunity and helps in absorption of iron present in other plant-based eatables. The fruit pulp offers many minerals which make your baby strong, like calcium, copper, magnesium, and zinc.

    1. Peaches

    Peaches are a good source of Vitamin A which maintains skin health and replaces the old skin cells with new ones. This fruit is loaded with Vitamin C and K which assist in healing wounds.

    1. Pear

    Pear is packed with Vitamin C and fiber and the best part is that inculcating this fruit in your child’s diet will make them stronger. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the development of healthy muscles, blood vessels, bones and teeth. The fiber present in the fruit will maintain proper bowel movement, prevent constipation and avoid irregular sugar spikes.

    1. Pineapple

    Small children love pineapple owing to its yummy taste and it makes an excellent choice for healthy snacks. This fruit contains abundant vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and manganese and helps restore immunity and aids in healthy bone development.

    1. Plum

    Plum is rich in Vitamin K, copper, potassium, and boron. Potassium is essential for kids as it supports healthy brain function and maintains bone mineral density. Vitamin K is also responsible for boosting mineralization of the bones.

    1. Pomegranate

    Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits as it contains some essential vitamins like A, C, K, and E and is loaded with antioxidants. This fruit is full of folic acid, potassium, iron, fiber, essential minerals and water-soluble vitamin B complex. It is a super food for children and adults and must be included in the diet.

    1. Prunes

    Prunes are considered super healthy as they contain loads of fiber and essential vitamins which aid in digestion and maintain bone health. Prunes are one of the most nutritious fruits as they contain vital minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

    Nouns that start with P for everyday vocabulary

    Nouns are taught very early while learning the English language as they are the naming words. They are one of the most crucial aspects of sentence formation and learning about them will not only enhance your child’s vocabulary but also improve reading and writing skills. Here are some nouns that start with P:

    1. Patience

    1. Pain

    1. Prize

    1. Person

    1. Pet

    1. Pacifier

    1. Pagoda

    1. Perfection

    1. Pair

    1. Peace

    1. Pear

    1. Paragon

    1. Pet

    1. Person

    1. Park

    1. Pen

    1. Packet

    1. Party

    1. Pocket

    1. Pants

    1. Plumber

    Verbs that start with P to encourage action and movement

    Verbs form the doing words. These words denote action and learning about them is a step further in the language development skills of your child. Some of the verbs that start with P are:

    1. Paint

    1. Pack

    1. Paddle

    1. Pacify

    1. Preach

    1. Pamper

    1. Pair

    1. Pace

    1. Pick

    1. Pardon

    1. Panic

    1. Parade

    1. Pause

    1. Play

    1. Pour

    1. Preserve

    1. Protect

    1. Praise

    Adjectives that start with P to describe people and things

    Adjectives denote the qualities of nouns. It is important to learn about them to understand the language and to express your emotions explicitly. Some of the common adjectives that start with P to describe people and things are:

    1. Painful

    1. Palatable

    1. Peaceful

    1. Pale

    1. Polite

    1. Perfect

    1. Passive

    1. Pretty

    1. Playful

    1. Proud

    1. Painstaking

    1. Passionate

    1. Patriotic

    1. Pink

    1. Pleasant

    1. Philanthropic

    1. Productive

    1. Pink

    1. Poor

    1. Proficient

    Fun activities to engage children in learning P words

    If you’re thinking about some fun activities to teach your child about P words, then read the lines given below:

    1. Riddles

    In addition to traditional vocabulary building games like Atlas and name, place, animal and thing, you can ask riddles to your kid around P words. This will invoke curiosity and work on language development skills.

    1. Rhymes

    Rhymes are a wonderful way of developing speech and promoting good listening skills. You can make your own little rhymes to introduce new words. Slowly you can ask your child to create his/her own rhymes describing their favorite things. You can pick one alphabet and focus on adding words starting with that letter.

    1. Storytelling

    With the help of stories, children can learn more about life, the world and themselves too. This expands their creativity and imagination and boosts their vocabulary.

    Final Words

    Teaching about words that start with P is an excellent way to introduce some new words to your little ones’ world. Small children are still learning about the world and developing some essential skills like communication, reading, and writing. Exposing them to new words every day is a great exercise to enhance their vocabulary while bonding with them. Playing some fun games can make learning about P words easy and interesting. Giving undivided attention to your child is the best gift you can give him/her.

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