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    100 Common words that start with 'U' for Small Kids

    100 Common words that start with 'U' for Small Kids

    Updated on 14 May 2024

    If every time you ask your child ‘U for’, and the answer is Umbrella, Unicorn or Utensils, then it’s time to upgrade the little one’s vocabulary with newer words. It is important for the kids to perceive multiple words so that they can express themselves better and become a mini storyteller. Moreover, exposing them to an ocean of words will invariably help them in their early school learning whether it's reading or writing. If you’re thinking what is a word that starts with U, then this piece of information is dedicated to you.

    The composition will not only give you answers for what are the words that start with U but will give you access to 100 common words with u as their initials. From some common words, to nouns, adjectives and country names, we have got you covered. Can you think of a word with u which is an animal name? Read till the end to find out!

    What is a word that starts with U

    Reading out loud from elementary school books about different words starting from the alphabet ‘U’ may seem boring to your kid. Instead, you can try asking questions like What is a word that starts with U, but you can’t answer the common ones like umbrella or unicorn. Hurray! You have gained attention, invoked some curiosity, and turned learning into a fun and exciting time.

    Questions like these will give some exercise to the little brain and will also prepare your child to learn more and more new words. “Umpire, Uncle or Uniform”, you can begin by teaching easy words first.

    List of common words that start with U

    Children come across many words starting with U in their daily lives but teaching them different words along with their meanings are more likely to stay in their memory. You can also frame some simple sentences for inductive learning. Let’s check some common words with U for small children.

    1. Umpire

    1. Under

    1. Underwater

    1. Underground

    1. Unicorn

    1. Ugly

    1. UFO

    1. Understand

    1. Ugly

    1. Uniform

    1. Unite

    1. Union

    1. Unpack

    1. Utensils

    1. Unit

    1. Use

    1. Up

    1. Uncle

    1. Usual

    1. Useful

    1. Urban

    1. Upon

    1. Unpack

    1. Urban

    1. Ukulele

    1. Undo

    1. Utensils

    1. Ultra

    1. Upset

    1. Unlimited

    1. Unicycle

    1. Unified

    1. Usability

    1. Utility

    1. User

    1. Unit

    1. Unemployment

    1. Universe

    1. Unfold

    1. Untie

    1. Unhealthy

    1. Undercover

    1. Unidentified

    1. Uninstall

    1. Unworthy

    1. Unlikely

    1. Underrated

    1. USP (Unique Selling Point)

    1. Ultrasound

    1. Unbalance

    Describing words that start with U

    If your child struggles to use precise words for describing things, then it’s time to introduce him/her to the world of adjectives. These describing words will improve communication skills of the tiny tots. Learning to describe words will enable them to express themselves better. Here are some of the describing words that start with U.

    1. Uniform

    1. Ugly

    1. Upright

    1. Upfront

    1. Utmost

    1. Utter

    1. Ultimate

    1. Unique

    Nouns that start with U

    Nouns are the most influential words used in English language for anyone who is just beginning to learn to read or write. They are crucial for sentences and enable the little ones to form connections with people and things. The alphabet ‘U’ makes many interesting words, let’s dive straight and check what are the words that start with u:

    1. Umbrella

    1. Ukulele

    1. Utensil

    1. Underwear

    1. Uniform

    1. University

    1. Usage

    1. Urinals

    1. Ultrasound

    1. Undergraduate

    1. Utility

    1. User-friendly

    1. Upbeat

    1. Ultimate

    1. Upgrade

    Animal names starting with U

    Animal names starting with U are a little out of the ordinary, but you will be surprised to know that many animals exist with U as their initial letter. Without any further delay, how about checking the list of the animals?

    1. Uakari

    1. Umbrellabird

    1. Uaru chichlid

    1. Uguisu

    1. Underwing moth

    1. Upland sandpiper

    1. Urutu snake

    Countries starting with the letter U

    Studying country names is a good practice to gain some geographical awareness. The alphabet U gives name to many countries across the world. Knowing about a country’s name is the first step in learning more about different cultures and people. There are not just one or two nations with U, but you will be surprised that a total of 7 countries have their name with the letter U. Let’s take a look at their names:

    1. Uganda

    1. United States of America

    1. United Kingdom

    1. Ukraine

    1. Uzbekistan

    1. Uruguay

    1. United Arab Emirates

    Positive words starting with the letter U

    Positive words are encouraging for your child and help to form a more positive frame of mind and communication skills. These words are commonly used to limit conflicting behaviors and instill optimism in those around you. Can you think of a word with u which is positive? Some of the positive words that starts with U are:

    1. Unity

    1. United

    1. Unique

    1. Up

    1. Upliftment

    1. Upbeat

    1. Unbelievable

    1. Useful

    1. Unafraid

    1. Ultimate

    1. Unaffected

    1. Unbroken

    1. Unlimited

    1. Unbelievable

    1. Unassuming

    Final Words

    A strong vocabulary enables small children to understand their books better. Moreover, it also allows them to channelize the ideas shared at school by the teachers and results in active participation and progress in their early learning. By now, you must be fully aware about what is a word that starts with U. U is a versatile alphabet which makes many meaningful words from unity to unique. Teaching your child about the words beginning with U is an excellent way to add some new words while revising some less frequently used words.

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