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    List of 100+ Common Words that start with 'D' for Small Children


    List of 100+ Common Words that start with 'D' for Small Children

    Updated on 17 May 2024

    Knowing many words helps small children to read, write, think, and speak more effectively. Words are the building blocks when it comes to language development as more words a child knows, the better will be his/her communication skills. You can introduce new words to your child’s vocabulary through fun and exciting games. Denmark is one of the countries that start with d, can you think of some more?

    In this all-inclusive guide, you can find 100+ easy and commonly used words that start with D for kids. So, let’s get started!

    What are words that start with d

    Words are the stepping stone for learning a new language. Words will help your child frame sentences, then paragraphs, and finally essays. To express yourself better in a language, a strong hold on the words is crucial. Let’s take a look at some common words that start with d:

    1. Den

    1. Dip

    1. Dad

    1. Dam

    1. Desk

    1. Door

    1. Deer

    1. Dirt

    1. Duck

    1. Dart

    1. Deep

    1. Dolphin

    1. Danse

    1. Donkey

    1. Dent

    1. Date

    1. Dock

    1. Dive

    1. Develop

    1. Decent

    1. Desert

    Name of countries that start with d

    There are five countries in the world that get their names from the alphabet d. Denmark is the most popular choice in the game of Atlas. Let’s discover the names of countries that start with d:

    1. Denmark

    1. Djibouti

    1. Dominica

    1. Dominican Republic of the Congo

    1. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

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    Collection of adjectives that start with d

    Adjectives enhance expression and teaching your child about them marks the beginning of language development skills. In no time your child might refer to you as ‘Dear Mumma’ or ‘Daddy Darling’. Here is a collection of adjectives that start with d:

    1. Dapper

    1. Dazzling

    1. Daring

    1. Dashing

    1. Delightful

    1. Dainty

    1. Daughterly

    1. Decent

    1. Decisive

    1. Dynamic

    1. Dear

    1. Deceitful

    1. Delicate

    1. Dependable

    1. Desirable

    1. Determined

    1. Diligent

    1. Distinct

    1. Dreamy

    1. Darling

    Most common 5 letter words starting with d

    You should teach your child five letter words with different alphabets as they lay a strong foundation for future learning. Speaking, thinking, reading and writing in English will become a cake walk for your child, if they are exposed to many words at a young age. Let’s explore some common 5 letter words starting with d:

    1. Dance

    1. Dream

    1. Dozen

    1. Dough

    1. Doubt

    1. Drink

    1. Daddy

    1. Dodge

    1. Ditch

    1. Daily

    1. Dairy

    1. Daisy

    1. Dandy

    1. Dally

    1. Darby

    1. Dates

    1. Deals

    1. Debut

    1. Delay

    1. Demon

    1. Depth

    1. Devil

    1. Diary

    1. Digit

    1. Disco

    1. Diver

    1. Dizzy

    1. Dough

    1. Draft

    1. Drama

    1. Dream

    1. Drone

    1. Drool

    1. Drown

    1. Dusky

    1. Dwarf

    List of things beginning with d

    Dish, dress, and donuts are some everyday things beginning with d. Let’s check out some more things beginning with d!

    1. Dish

    1. Dress

    1. Donuts

    1. Dominos

    1. Diamond

    1. Drum

    1. Dollar

    1. Dice

    1. Desk

    1. Disc

    1. Deodorant

    1. Dentures

    1. Diary

    1. Daisy

    1. Dandelion

    1. Dahlia

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    Name of animals that start with d

    D for dog and D for donkey, are some repeated lessons during kindergarten classes. Apart from the common ones, here we present a list of names of animals that start with d such as:

    1. Dog

    1. Donkey

    1. Duck

    1. Dragonfly

    1. Deer

    1. Dolphin

    1. Dove

    1. Dung Beetle

    Frequently used positive words that start with d

    Children learn their habits and attitudes from the world around them. Therefore, immersing them in a world of positive words is a good idea to inculcate good habits and positivity. Some frequently used positive words that start with d are:

    1. Decent

    1. Daring

    1. Darling

    1. Delightful

    1. Dazzling

    1. Dapper

    1. Dashing

    Name of fruits that start with d

    Are you thinking about some fruits that start with d? Fruits are packed with essential nutrients and are a rich source of antioxidants. They make a wonderful snack that can uplift your energy levels in no time. You can tell your little one, name of fruits that start with d like:

    1. Dragon fruit

    1. Dabai fruit

    1. Damson

    1. Damson Plum

    1. Dangle berry

    1. Darling plum

    1. Date

    1. Date plum

    1. Davidson’s plum

    1. Desert banana

    1. Desert fig

    Commonly used Nouns that start with d

    It's important to make small children familiar with nouns as they are everywhere, whether they are the name of a person, place, animal or thing. Some commonly used nouns that start with d are:

    1. Dancer

    1. Daily

    1. Darling

    1. Decoration

    1. Dainty

    1. Date

    1. Daffodil

    1. Damage

    1. Dawn

    1. Daydream

    1. Doctor

    1. Door

    1. Dentist

    1. Drum

    1. Dabble

    1. Dam

    1. Darkness

    1. Daughter

    1. Dinner

    1. Desk

    1. Depth

    1. Dazzled

    List of Verbs that start with d

    Verbs are action words. Verbs are also an important aspect of speech as they are the doing words. You can enrich your little one’s vocabulary by teaching verbs that start with d like:

    1. Dance

    1. Dandle

    1. Drawing

    1. Dare

    1. Dream

    1. Damp

    1. Decide

    1. Dab

    1. Dig

    1. Do

    1. Damage

    1. Drive

    1. Deliver

    1. Deal

    1. Defeat

    1. Declare

    1. Dictate

    1. Decline

    Most common nice words that start with d

    Are you dreaming about a directory of nice words that start with d? Then stop dreaming and start reading the lines below. Without any doubt, let’s dive deep into a pool of nice words that start with d:

    1. Dainty

    1. Dance

    1. Dapper

    1. Daring

    1. Devoted

    1. Darling

    1. Dear

    1. Dazzling

    1. Dashing

    1. Daydream

    1. Dauntless

    1. Decent

    1. Decision

    1. Decorate

    1. Devote

    1. Dedicate

    1. Deepen

    1. Definite

    1. Delicate

    1. Delicious

    1. Dependable

    1. Deserving

    1. Designer

    1. Detailed

    1. Determined

    Frequently used good words that start with d

    Good words fill the air with positivity. Let’s learn some frequently used good words that start with d like:

    1. Divine

    1. Diplomatic

    1. Descriptive

    1. Distinguished

    1. Delegates

    1. Dutiful

    1. Developer

    Final Words

    The letter D gives birth to many frequently used words such as Dear, Dance, Drawing, and Dress. Learning about these simple words will also strengthen the phonics skills of small children. Learning begins even before a child is enrolled in a play school and parents are viewed as the first teacher of a child. So, playing vocabulary building games or telling stories are different ways to introduce new words to your child. Happy Parenting!

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