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    Common Words that start with n for enhancing learning in small children

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    Common Words that start with n for enhancing learning in small children

    Updated on 14 May 2024

    Vocabulary is vital for learning to read. Your child will benefit if they hear words orally before they see them in their books. The children who are exposed to new spoken words at home learn new words quickly and enter school with better vocabularies.

    You can start by teaching adjectives that start with n and can also emphasize positive words that start with n. First begin your interesting journey with words by focusing on two letter words like No, or na and then move on to three letter words like not, net, nor, nod, now and others. Frame questions like what are words that start with n, and tell me fruits that start with n. This learn and play time will not only boost your bond with your kid, but your kid will also become better prepared to read.

    Make your child think about things that start with n, countries that start with n and nice words that start with n. This brain exercise will make your child more observant about his/her surroundings. Let’s begin our fun and exciting journey with the letter n and explore the world along with our little munchkins, a little beyond the ordinary!

    Simple words that start with n

    It is a great idea to begin with plain, basic and easy to understand words. This will keep your child engaged for longer periods as he/she will experience a little triumph with each answer. You can show pictures, or draw sketches to teach your child some simple words starting with an n. Some simple 3 to 4 letter word that start with n are:

    1. Not

    1. Net

    1. Nut

    1. Nap

    1. Nip

    1. Name

    1. Nose

    1. Neck

    1. Nail

    1. Night

    1. Nurse

    These simple words that start with n will help your child to remember the words they already know. This exercise is easy to gain their attention for some newer words along the way.

    List of adjectives that start with n

    Adjectives are important as they add some flavor to our conversations. They help to mark our words and make them more meaningful. Without adjectives, our speech and words will sound dull and boring. Some of the common adjectives starting with n are:

    1. Neat

    1. New

    1. Nice

    1. Natural

    1. Needy

    1. National

    1. Naughty

    1. Nameless

    1. Noble

    1. Narrow

    1. Necessary

    1. Nervous

    1. Neutral

    1. Naive

    1. Noisy

    You can tell the meanings of these words and frame simple sentences for better clarity and understanding. And soon, you will be surprised to see your child using these words in their everyday conversations.

    Positive words that start with n

    Do you know the best and easiest way to instill positivity in children is through feeding their brains with positive words and good thoughts? Let’s learn some of the positive words that start with n:

    1. Neat

    1. Nice

    1. Noble

    1. Natty

    1. Natural

    1. National

    1. Nourishing

    1. New

    1. Notable

    1. Novel

    Use of positive words in daily conversations inspires others to think positively and work hard for their goals. Positive words prepare you to take a leadership role in your environment and develop a personality that makes inspiring role models for the individuals around you.

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    Names of Countries that start with n

    Teaching your child countries that start with n will help to enhance their general awareness skills. Nepal is a neighboring country started with n; do you know there are 10 more countries that start with n? Let’s check out their names!

    1. Nepal

    1. North Korea

    1. Netherlands

    1. Niger

    1. Nigeria

    1. Norway

    1. New Zealand

    1. Namibia

    1. Nicaragua

    1. North Macedonia

    1. Nauru

    You can also play fun games like atlas to encourage your child to learn the names of more countries.

    Collection of nice words that start with n

    If you’re thinking of some nice words that start with n, then check the below-mentioned list.

    1. Name

    1. Narrate

    1. Nest

    1. Navigate

    1. Neat

    1. Nail

    1. Network

    1. New

    1. Newborn

    1. Newcomer

    1. Nectar

    1. Needful

    1. Narrow

    1. Nearby

    1. Night

    1. Nerves

    1. Necklace

    1. Naval

    1. Net

    1. Nasal

    These are commonly used words, and your child would like these fun, exciting, and playful learning lessons with you.

    Names of things that start with an n

    If you’re stuck and can’t think of things that start with an n, then you are at the right place. We will unravel names of some famous foods like noodles or nachos and much more in this list.

    1. Noodles

    1. Nachos

    1. Net

    1. Nest

    1. Nib

    1. Night lamp

    1. Notebook

    1. Nose

    1. Neck

    1. Nail paint

    1. Newspaper

    1. Nuts

    1. Napkin

    1. Nail cutters

    1. Necklace

    Isn’t it strange that it's difficult to think of some words when quizzed, word-retrieval issues are real. This list can be handy when you are at a loss of words.

    Common nouns that start with n

    Learning about nouns is an essential part of early schooling. You can pick different alphabets to teach more about nouns to your kid. Ask your child questions like name some common nouns that start with n to make them understand the concept.

    1. Name

    1. Nature

    1. Nation

    1. Note

    1. Night

    1. Novel

    1. Nest

    1. Nose

    1. Noddle

    1. Necklace

    1. Nest

    1. North

    1. Newspaper

    1. Novel

    1. Navy

    1. Neighborhood

    These common nouns will enhance the vocabulary of young minds and help deepen the concepts at a tender age.

    List of movies that start with n

    Little children are always fascinated with stories and very often, form emotional connections with movies. Learning about movies that start with n can help to increase their attention span and is an enjoyable activity. Let’s check a few movies that start with n:

    • Natkhat

    • Namaste London

    • Nidhi’s lunchbox

    • New York

    You can watch movies like Nidhi’s lunchbox and Natkhat with your little munchkin for some entertainment.

    H3: List of verbs that start with n

    Verbs are words that focus on action. There are some interesting verbs that start with n. Let’s discuss some of the common verbs that start with n:

    • Nap

    • Need

    • Nod

    • Notice

    • Note

    • Notify

    • Navigate

    • Narrate

    • Name

    • Negotiate

    • Nourish

    You can ask your child which verbs they already knew and which of them are new to them.

    5-letter words that start with n

    There are many 5-letter words that start with n like nurse and nails. Can you think of some more? Let’s discuss some of the common and simple 5-letter words that starts with n:

    • Nacho

    • Never

    • Nanny

    • Notch

    • Noise

    • Naive

    • Nylon

    • Nurse

    • Nomad

    • Nails

    • Niece

    These 5-letter words starting with n are a nice way to expand your child’s glossary and expose them to a world of words.

    Names of fruits that start with n

    Learning about different fruits that start with n is a sure shot way to enhance their knowledge about fruits in the world. Let’s explore some fruits with the letter n:

    • Naartjie

    • Naval Orange

    • Neem

    • Nectacot

    • Nectarine

    Names of vegetables that start with n

    Learning names of vegetables that start with n helps to include more words in the child’s vocabulary. If your child knows about different vegetables, then he/she will be encouraged to eat these nutritious food items. It also aids in the identification of their food items.

    • New Zealand Spinach

    • Nettles

    • Navy Beans

    • Neeps

    • Nanohana

    So next time, when you are out for some grocery shopping, don’t be surprised if your little one calls out a new name.


    Childhood is a beautiful phase where children can imbibe tremendous amounts of knowledge. It is important to feed their natural instincts of learning through play and curiosity. Fun games are an essential part of childhood which not only strengthen the parent-child bond but also impart knowledge to young minds. You can ask your child questions like which are the words that start with n and can quiz them about fruits that start with n. In no time your child will surprise you with impeccable general awareness and excellent vocabulary.

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