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    Unlocking Language Proficiency: The Ultimate Guide to Top 100 Sight Words for Kindergarten and Beyond


    Unlocking Language Proficiency: The Ultimate Guide to Top 100 Sight Words for Kindergarten and Beyond

    Updated on 28 May 2024

    Cna Yuo Raed Tihs? The answer is yes! Have you thought about why we could read jumbled words? The reason being our brain in no time can identify the overall shape and structure of frequently used words even if they are jumbled up. In the same manner, sight words can be easily identified by just looking at them without the need to decode. When your child learns sight words, they can quickly become habitual and read them without any effort. This plays a crucial role in building fluency while reading.

    In this overarching article, you can find what are sight words, why they are important, and grade-wise sight words for your little one. So, let’s just take off!

    What are sight words?

    Slight words refer to words repeated in our reading and writing. Children in kindergarten and grade 1 can become better readers if they are taught about sight words. These words are a crucial aspect of phonics learning. If your kid can easily identify sight words such as can, will and for, then it will improve his/her command over the language. It can lay the foundation for independent and fluent reading.

    The importance of sight words in reading development

    Do you know when a kid has mastered sight words, they don’t have to pause to mix the letter-sounds and think about spelling rules? This will make your child more fluent at reading. Let’s have a look at the importance of sight words in reading development:

    • Boosts reading comprehension

    A child can easily spot a sight word without using any of the rules and decoding practices. This will make the kid enjoy reading and he/she will begin to read for fun and not just read to learn.

    • Spark new confidence

    When children enter kindergarten, most words they encounter are sight words. If they are already familiar with these words, then they can read fluently. Fluency in reading will boost their self-confidence which will also uplift their self-esteem.

    • Give hints to the context of the topic

    When the child can read sight words, then he/she gets a rough idea about the topic. They may be able to understand the overall meaning of the given subject by looking at the pictures and knowing a few words.

    Sight words list for kindergarten

    If your child has just started kindergarten, then teaching about the sight words given below is a good idea. Let’s check what are sight words for kindergarten:

    1. I

    1. Am

    1. Me

    1. My

    1. At

    1. To

    1. Is

    1. It

    1. Go

    1. Come

    1. And

    1. He

    1. His

    1. Him

    1. She

    1. Her

    1. What

    1. Who

    1. Where

    1. Here

    1. There

    1. Eat

    1. Again

    1. With

    1. A

    1. The

    1. Big

    1. Little

    1. Down

    1. This

    1. Make

    1. Because

    1. Are

    1. You

    1. Your

    1. Before

    1. After

    1. Very

    1. Over

    1. Those

    1. Their

    1. About

    1. Into

    1. Have

    1. Has

    1. Some

    1. Saw

    1. Look

    1. Going

    1. Coming

    Sight words flash cards: An effective learning tool

    Flash cards are an excellent way to reinforce a new concept as the child learns through repeated exposure. Small kids are visual learners and playing with flash cards gives them a visual experience of the word which helps in memorization. These fun activities improve active participation and engagement levels of the child as they offer quick feedback and make them understand whether they are doing it right or not.

    Flash cards are very simple to create and handy in learning, especially while travelling as they are portable. Sight words flash cards are a wonderful way to improve the learning and reading skills of your kid.

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    Advancing to first grade sight words

    Age-appropriate teaching is crucial for small children as it enables a child to learn without burdening him/her. Here are some first-grade sight words:

    1. An

    1. Any

    1. As

    1. May

    1. Know

    1. Old

    1. Once

    1. Open

    1. Let

    1. Round

    1. Thank

    1. Think

    1. Walk

    1. Fly

    1. Stop

    1. Start

    1. Live

    1. Every

    1. Could

    1. Were

    1. Them

    Second grade sight words: Building on foundational skills

    If you are looking for second grade sight words, then read the lines below carefully. The list below is precisely crafted making it age-appropriate at this stage of learning. You may find some new words that are a bit challenging, and some might serve as a review.

    1. Always

    1. Because

    1. Between

    1. Kind

    1. Food

    1. Great

    1. Example

    1. Father

    1. Mother

    1. Change

    1. Both

    1. Even

    1. Follow

    1. Hard

    1. Group

    1. Found

    1. Thought

    1. Together

    1. Year

    1. World

    1. School

    1. Sentence

    1. Place

    1. Picture

    1. Page

    1. Point

    1. Three

    1. Turn

    1. Mean

    1. Home

    1. House

    1. Follow

    1. Like

    1. Left

    1. Animal

    1. Different

    1. While

    1. Thought

    1. Want

    1. Though

    Third grade sight words: Expanding vocabulary

    As your child moves to grade 3, he/she is already 8 years old and is learning at a lightening pace. You can introduce these sight words to improve their vocabulary. Some common third grade sight words are:

    1. Carry

    1. Clean

    1. Better

    1. About

    1. Light

    1. Might

    1. Ever

    1. Never

    1. Drink

    1. Draw

    1. Done

    1. Only

    1. Hard

    1. Grow

    1. Keep

    1. Only

    1. Fight

    1. Sight

    1. Tight

    1. Pace

    Fourth grade sight words: Enhancing reading comprehension

    Till the age of 9, kids have a large base of words. These words help them express themselves and build relationships outside the family. Educating your child about the advancing sight words as he/she is growing older is an excellent way to update their vocabulary. Here are some fourth-grade sight words:

    1. Measure

    1. Disappear

    1. Question

    1. Believe

    1. Natural

    1. Probably

    1. Area

    1. Early

    1. Against

    1. Simple

    1. Strange

    1. Decide

    1. Difficult

    1. Disappear

    1. Weight

    1. Notice

    1. Ocea

    1. Woman

    1. Women

    1. Direct

    1. During

    1. Knowledge

    1. Various

    1. Length

    1. Learn

    1. Remember

    1. Important

    1. Notice

    1. Strange

    1. Several

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    Fifth grade sight words: Preparing for advanced texts

    By grade 5, learning becomes a tad difficult and identifying sight words is important in improving reading fluency. Some of the fifth-grade sight words are:

    1. Through

    1. Thought

    1. Though

    1. Enough

    1. Because

    1. Since

    1. During

    1. Against

    1. Across

    1. Several

    1. Sometimes

    1. Everything

    1. Different

    1. Believe

    1. Become

    Sight words worksheets: Engaging activities for practice

    Educating through sight words worksheets can prove beneficial as it offers a more structured approach to learning. You can make your own worksheets by adding simple activities like matching the column, filling in the blanks and word tracing. These worksheets are an effective way of learning as the child can practice his/her learning which allows for more concrete yet creative learning. Some fun activities for reinforcing the concept of sight words are:

    1. Bingo

    Bingo is a fun-filled learning game which can be molded as per the requirement. You can create bingo cards by creating a grid of sight words and giving them to the children. Now call out random words and a child can cross if it's there on the card. The one who completes a row first is the winner. This game will help to strengthen the concept of sight words in a competitive manner.

    1. Word puzzle

    This is an amazing sight words activity where a child can match the words with their pictures. Another way is to create jigsaw puzzles which can increase the attention span of your child and can make learning a fun experience. Jigsaw puzzle activity not just reinforces the conceptual part but also improves cognitive skills.


    Sight words are the most frequently used words and improve the reading skills of small children. Teaching is an art which must develop an interest in a child towards learning. Fun games and activities are a sure-fire way to gain kids' attention and engagement levels. Now that you are well-versed with what are sight words, you can make your child learn in new and exciting ways.

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