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    100 Common Words that start with 'S' for enhancing vocabulary in small children


    100 Common Words that start with 'S' for enhancing vocabulary in small children

    Updated on 14 May 2024

    The latest research suggests that at 1 year of age, a baby can identify around 50 words, this number goes to 1000 words by 3 years and at least 10,000 words by the age of 5. These numbers emphasize the importance of vocabulary building from the early stages. You can teach your child about the words that start with s to make them familiar with different sounds that the alphabet makes in a multitude of words. This will help your child to read better during their early stages of learning.

    In this piece, we will cover 100 words that start with s from 5 letter words that start with s, to some positive words that start with S. Read till the end to learn new S words for your tiny tot.

    List of 5 letter words that start with s

    One of the easiest ways to add new words to your child’s vocabulary is to tell them the precise word whenever they come across it. Like sun, smoke, smile, and shirt. Use exact words while referring to everyday things to help them learn faster. If English is your second language, then always make it a point to emphasize what a particular thing is called in English. Let’s check a few 5 letter words that start with S:

    1. Smoke

    1. Shell

    1. Sleep

    1. Saint

    1. Sauté

    1. Shirt

    1. Skirt

    1. Scoop

    1. Scale

    1. Sixty

    1. Scalp

    1. Scold

    1. Scent

    1. Scary

    1. Scant

    1. Score

    1. Sadly

    1. Shark

    1. Shine

    1. Silly

    1. Silky

    1. Slang

    1. Slice

    1. Spoon

    1. Sport

    1. Spoil

    1. Solve

    1. Sound

    1. Solid

    1. South

    Collection of adjectives that start with s

    Adjectives make the narrative interesting and add beauty to sentences. Whether smart or shy, an individual’s characteristics can be expressed using these descriptive words. Check out some adjectives that start with s:

    1. Smart

    1. Sleek

    1. Straight

    1. Smooth

    1. Safe

    1. Simple

    1. Sad

    1. Sober

    1. Sweet

    1. Sour

    1. Shy

    1. Savage

    1. Soft

    Names of animals that start with s

    Learning about animal names not only adds new words to the vocabulary but also assists them to know about their habits. Knowing their names helps the young ones to identify various animals and develop empathy towards them. Some of the animals that start with S are:

    1. Snake

    1. Snail

    1. Sloth

    1. Sponge

    1. Spider

    1. Shark

    1. Scorpion

    1. Sea turtle

    1. Sheep

    1. Starfish

    1. Seagull

    1. Stingray

    List of countries that start with s

    S is an interesting alphabet as many countries have S as their initial letter. If you’re playing atlas, then knowing about countries that start with S can prove handy. Let’s check countries beginning with S:

    1. Singapore

    1. Sweden

    1. South Africa

    1. South Korea

    1. Serbia

    1. Slovakia

    1. Samoa

    1. Saudi Arabia

    1. South Sudan

    1. Senegal

    1. Switzerland

    1. Solomon Islands

    1. Saint Lucia

    1. San Marino

    1. Seychelles

    1. Somalia

    1. Sierra Leone

    1. Saint Kitts and Nevis

    1. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    1. Sri Lanka

    1. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

    1. Saint Helena

    1. Saint Martin

    1. Sao Tome and Principe

    1. Spain

    1. Slovenia

    1. Syria

    1. Suriname

    1. Schaumburg- Lippe

    Teach your child 6 letter word with s

    As your child is growing, so is his/her ability to catch hold of slightly difficult words. Exposing him/her to 6 letter word with S is an excellent way to make them familiar with some simple words that are used in everyday conversations. Some of them are:

    1. Sailor

    1. Silver

    1. Satire

    1. Secret

    1. Scroll

    1. Scream

    1. Seater

    1. Safely

    1. Sample

    1. Saliva

    1. Sector

    1. Select

    1. Seldom

    1. Shadow

    1. Sleepy

    1. Signal

    1. Shower

    1. Sleeve

    1. Sloppy

    1. Shiver

    1. Street

    1. Stress

    Most common 4 letter words starting with s

    Some frequently used 4 letter words with S are some, said, and same. In addition to these words, there are some more common 4 letter words starting with S. Here are some of the examples:

    1. Said

    1. Some

    1. Such

    1. Same

    1. Sage

    1. Sane

    1. Soar

    1. Swim

    1. Snug

    1. Slap

    1. Spit

    1. Soil

    1. Soon

    1. Sold

    1. Sure

    Frequently used positive words that start with s

    Positive words uplift the mood and create an air filled with positivity. As a parent or a preschool teacher, we should use positive words more often to inculcate positive habits. Scan some positive words that start with S:

    1. Smile

    1. Safe

    1. Saintly

    1. Soothing

    1. Satisfying

    1. Savory

    1. Scenic

    1. Savior

    1. Secure

    1. Shield

    1. Silky

    1. Solace

    1. Sweet

    1. Superb

    Collection of common seven letter s words

    As little kids become used to seven letter words, it gets a lot easier for them to read and write fluently as they are slowly learning to break big words and join small words to make new big words. The uphill task of reading and writing can become painless by learning some common seven letter s words like:

    1. Success

    1. Suggest

    1. Summary

    1. Serious

    1. Service

    1. Support

    1. Surface

    1. Surgery

    1. Seventh

    1. Shortly

    1. Sustain

    1. Suspect

    List of things that start with s

    S makes some common everyday words like shirt, skirt, and shoes. Educating your small child with the things that start with S, is a good idea to set a foundation for future learning. Here are some things that start with S:

    1. Sun

    1. Seat

    1. Shore

    1. Stairs

    1. Shirt

    1. Skirt

    1. Soil

    1. Silver

    1. Shoes

    1. Swimsuits

    1. Scarf

    1. Soda

    1. Sandals

    1. Ship

    Simple nouns that start with s

    Nouns are the names of people, places, animals, and things. You can play easy games where the child must tell names of few nouns with a particular alphabet. These fun games make learning pleasant and can also keep your child engaged for longer durations. Some simple nouns that start with S are:

    1. Salad

    1. Stadium

    1. Stage

    1. Salt

    1. Sugar

    1. Syrup

    1. Society

    1. Snooze

    1. Spaghetti

    1. Sack

    1. Shephard

    1. Symptom

    Collection of nice words that start with s

    Do you know, even a tiny word spoken to your child has a huge impact on his/her still developing young brain? Yes, that’s true, words have power and using nice words that start with s is a great way to let your little star shine some more. Check the list given below:

    1. Savvy

    1. Satisfy

    1. Scholarly

    1. Serenity

    1. Smart

    1. Simple

    1. Sure

    1. Sincere

    1. Shining

    1. Successful

    1. Sober

    1. Social

    Names of fruits that start with s

    Fruits that start with s like strawberries are most kids’ favorite. The vibrant color, heart-shape, and juicy and sweet taste of strawberries attract small children. The good news is that this fruit has the goodness of vitamin C, some minerals and carbohydrates. Let’s check names of some other fruits that start with s:

    1. Strawberries

    1. Star fruit

    1. Sugar apple fruit

    1. Sweet limes

    1. Sour cherries

    1. Salak

    Frequently used seven letter word starts with s

    Making your child acquainted with seven letter words is good practice to enhance their vocabulary. Let’s check some of them:

    1. Service

    1. Several

    1. Success

    1. Suggest

    1. Summary

    1. Serious

    1. Service

    1. Support

    1. Surface

    1. Surgery

    1. Seventh

    1. Shortly

    1. Sustain

    List of encouraging words start with s

    Encouraging words regulate your child’s behavior, boost healthy development and outline their perspective about the world around them. Some encouraging words start with s are:

    1. Sunny

    1. Super

    1. Superb

    1. Sweet

    Final Words

    Words that start with S are commonly used in daily conversations and teaching your young child about them lays the strong foundation for early language development. In this guide, we have covered everything from 5 letter words with s to adjectives. A parent is a child’s first teacher as learning can happen in everyday moments you spend with your young one so make it a point to spend quality time with your munchkin each day!

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