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    100 Common words that start with 'R' for Small Kids

    100 Common words that start with 'R' for Small Kids

    Updated on 14 May 2024

    Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic. They can make your speech sound beautiful or make it sound dull and boring. Whether you are a parent or a preschool teacher, educating little ones about words that start with R is a beautiful exercise. R is an alphabet that makes words from a small rabbit to mighty rhinoceros. If you’re wondering what are words that start with R, then this article will resonate with you. From covering simple four-letter words to fruit names that start with R, be ready for some exciting fun along the way.

    What are words that start with R

    A little child’s brain is just like a sponge, absorbing things around their environment. You can expose your child to a world of words through talking. Everyday conversations must include words whether it's the name of their favorite fruit like raspberries or a cute animal like rabbit. There are many words that begin with R, some of them are:

    1. Red

    1. Roses

    1. Run

    1. Ring

    1. Read

    1. Rocket

    1. Rock

    1. Robot

    1. Remote

    1. Rain

    1. Rope

    1. Read

    List of common words that start with R

    R is an alphabet which forms many interesting words from roses, rainbow to rabbits. The list is not exhaustive and focusses on some common words that start with R. Having said that, there are many more words starting with R.

    1. Rabbit

    1. Roses

    1. Rat

    1. Rain

    1. Radio

    1. Raise

    1. Rise

    1. Right

    1. Reach

    1. Read

    1. Real

    1. Red

    1. Remember

    1. Rest

    1. Ride

    1. Ring

    1. River

    1. Road

    1. Rock

    1. Room

    1. Rope

    1. Reel

    Simple four letter words starting with R

    If you’re thinking about what is a word that starts with R, then this list will update you with some simple four-letter words with the alphabet.

    1. Rack

    1. Race

    1. Rash

    1. Raft

    1. Rail

    1. Rain

    1. Ramp

    1. Rank

    1. Rare

    1. Rate

    1. Read

    1. Real

    1. Rent

    1. Ribs

    1. Road

    Describing words that start with R

    Describing words add flavor to sentences and makes them more engaging and interesting. Adjectives are the describing words that highlight the qualities of nouns. Let’s check a few describing words that start with R:

    1. Random

    1. Rare

    1. Rash

    1. Ravishing

    1. Ready

    1. Real

    1. Reasonable

    1. Rebellious

    Common five letter words that start with R

    Kids are fascinated with toys and other objects in their vicinity. Teaching them the right names like a robot or refrigerator goes a long way in adding new words to their young glossary. Here are some of the most common five letter words that starts with R:

    1. React

    1. Robot

    1. Ready

    1. Reset

    1. Reply

    1. Range

    1. Remix

    1. Retro

    1. Refer

    1. Reuse

    1. Renew

    List of nouns that start with R

    Nouns are essential aspect of speech in English language and are the backbone of communication. Educating small children about different nouns that start with R is prerequisite if you want to develop strong language skills in your child. Check the below mentioned nouns that start with R:

    1. Rabbit

    1. Radio

    1. Recipe

    1. Reader

    1. Record

    1. Religion

    1. Report

    1. Research

    1. Relationship

    1. River

    1. Rock

    Fruit names that start with R

    Fruit names are one of the first things that small children learn. If your child is asking about what is a word that starts with R, then you can tell them about different fruits that begin with the letter R. Here are some fruits that start with the alphabet R:

    1. Raspberry

    1. Red Banana

    1. Red currant

    1. Rambutan

    1. Rose Apple

    Animal names starting with R

    Animals captivate kids' attention like no other. Small children are fascinated with colorful animals around them and learning about animal names starting with R is an integral part of learning in early days. Let’s learn about animal names with the letter R.

    1. Rabbits

    1. Raccoons

    1. Reindeer

    1. Rhinoceroses

    1. Roosters

    1. Rattlesnakes

    1. Red Panda

    Names of vegetables starting with R

    Learning about names of vegetables can develop deeper understanding about the veggies. This knowledge results in more appreciation for healthy food and develops a greater desire to taste them more often. Vegetables are a rich source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and therefore, should be consumed regularly for proper growth and development.

    1. Radish

    1. Red Potato

    1. Red Cabbage

    Countries starting with the letter R

    Kids can develop strong vocabulary by discovering more about countries around the world. If your kid is inquisitive about what are words that start with R, then you can also tell some countries starting with R. There are 3 country names beginning with R.

    1. Romania

    1. Russia

    1. Rwanda

    Common things that start with the letter R

    There are some common things that start with R such as ring and rocket. From raincoat to ribbon, you can tell your kids about different names as they use them. You will be surprised to see your little one using the exact names of things in no time. Repetition makes it easy to remember things. Here are some things that start with the letter R.

    1. Ring

    1. Razor

    1. Robot

    1. Rock

    1. River

    1. Rocket

    1. Rubber

    1. Raincoat

    1. Rattle

    1. Race car

    1. Rug

    1. Rope

    1. Remote

    1. Racket

    1. Ribbon

    1. Ruler

    Positive words starting with the letter R

    Positive words spread positivity. Whether painting a rosy picture or relaxing at home, these words help to develop a positive frame of mind. You can tell your preschooler about these words and cite some examples for better clarity.

    1. Relaxing

    1. Rejuvenating

    1. Radiant

    1. Rosy

    Final Words

    Any language is laid on the foundation of words and teaching your child new words is an essential part of developing important language skills. Your child may ask questions like what are words that start with R and then this guide will prove handy. In this guide, you have learned different aspects like nouns, adjectives, verbs, and different countries starting with the alphabet R.

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