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    What Does That Line on Your Pregnant Belly Mean and Why It Appears

    Linea Nigra

    What Does That Line on Your Pregnant Belly Mean and Why It Appears

    Updated on 3 November 2022

    During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several changes that are hard to track. While the majority of these changes are hormonal and do not reflect on the outer body, on the other hand some changes do. Linea Nigra is one such physical change that shows up on your abdomen and is generally caused due to hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy.

    Linea Nigra is referred to as a line that starts from your belly button and goes all the way down to your pubic region. However, in rare cases, this line can even extend to your breasts. No matter the size, colour, shape of the line, it is entirely natural and is seen in the majority of women during pregnancy.

    What causes Linea Nigra?

    Linea Nigra is generally a result of hormonal changes. These hormonal changes can increase the melanin secretion in your body, which is responsible for skin pigmentation. This skin pigmentation can show up as a dark line on your stomach during pregnancy. While every skin colour can have Linea Nigra, it is more prominent on dark skin.

    When does it appear?

    Usually, women start observing a line emergence on their belly during their second trimester and will last throughout the pregnancy. It is generally 1 centimetre wide and can have varying lengths.

    Should you be worried?

    Apart from its physical appearance, Linea Nigra is nothing to be worried about. It only has cosmetics value and will not harm your or your baby’s health in any way. The good news is that this line will automatically start disappearing once you have given birth.

    When does it go away?

    Linea Nigra starts disappearing after a few months of giving birth and will slowly fade away. Doctors advise not to make it disappear artificially by using cosmetics or bleach as it will harm you and your child then. Let it naturally disappear with time.

    Can you avoid it?

    No, it is not possible to altogether avoid Linea Nigra as it is a hormonal change. However, you can minimize the discolouration by following some tips. Firstly, avoid direct sun on your belly as UV rays promote discolouration. Also, do not use tanning beds for the same reason. Keep your stomach covered at all times to reduce the prominence of the Linea Nigra.


    A woman’s body goes through several changes during pregnancy, and Linea Nigra is one of them. No matter how displeasing it might look, it is a lifetime experience and should be cherished before it goes away.

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