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    How to handle hectic work schedules along with sleep deprivation? 

    Written on 16 August 2018

    Expert Verified

    Dr. Ritu S Santwani

    Infertility treatment, Cosmetology, Recurrent abortion treatment, Menopause, Hysteroscopy & colposcopy, PCOS/PCOD, Sexual health - M.D (Obst & Gynaec)| FICOG, FIAOG, AMRCOG, ART-Singapore

    In the modern era of multitasking and overtasking almost everyone encounters sleep deprivation. There will be plenty of days when you had to attend a late-night party with your loved ones, you might be working on an urgent deadline till late at night, you were struggling the whole night to settle your cranky baby, and many other reasons that give you sleepless nights. According to the experts, many people who do not get enough quality sleep of approximately 7-9 hours at night suffer from irritability, memory loss, and a weakened immune system. When you are awake till late at night either you are scrolling on your smartphone/tablet or overthinking about family matters, business, job, finances, academics, personal relationships, etc.

    It gets tough to strike a balance between your professional and personal life when you stay up too late watching Netflix, worrying about work, taking care of an elderly sick person at home, or taking care of your newborn baby. According to neuroscientists, your brain doesn’t function at par excellence when you don’t get enough sleep. Symptoms of sleep deprivation are as follows:

    • Mood swings

    • Irritability

    • Fatigue

    • Difficulty in remembering and focusing

    • You are distracted and always anxious

    • You are less patient with family, friends, and colleagues

    • You are angrier and tend to take wrong decisions

    Sleep deprivation can badly impact your mental and physical health and they are as follows:

    • Weak immune system

    • Increased body weight

    • Risk of the cardio-vascular system

    • Releases additional stress hormones

    • Affects the proper functioning of the brain

    • Affects fertility

    • Increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, obesity, stroke, heart attack, depression, and anxiety

    Here are some interesting tips that can help you if you have already wasted several hours turning and tossing in your bed for quite a long time:

    • Work with the body clock and give yourself time to wind down- The goal is to wake up early and work according to a schedule. Try to finish your office work and daily chores on time so that you can get ample time to relax and get a sound sleep.

    • Turn off your electronic devices- We all are just so dependent on our smartphones and tablets because all our work is done by a few swipes and touches. These devices emit harmful lights and rays that release a hormone called melatonin that hampers sleep. You must stop using television, laptop, smartphone, and tablet at least 2 hours before winding downtime.

    • Limit your consumption of alcohol at night- You might feel relaxed after taking few glasses of alcohol thinking that it relaxes your body after that long tiring day however it can give you a bad hangover the next morning because it dehydrates your body from within. You might not wake up refreshed even after having a sound sleep.

    • Avoid excess caffeine- Drinking excess tea and coffee might give you temporary alertness but it blocks the chemicals that run in your brain which helps in regulating a sleep pattern. Excess of caffeine may also lead to acidity and heartburn.

    • Stick to a routine- If you can manage to sleep at the same time even on the weekends then you can easily calm that sleepy head. You will be able to finish all the work as scheduled and that will give you mental peace and contentment.

    • Cool down your bedroom- The temperature of your bedroom plays a vital role because that affects the quality of your sleep. You must make sure the temperature of your room is not too hot or too cold. You can open the window the next morning to allow some natural air and sunlight to enter the room.

    • Reduce the noise- External noise such as traffic, loud music from the neighbors can keep you awake till late at night. You must use earplugs or a white noise machine to reduce the noise.

    • Buy a new pillow and a comfortable mattress- If your pillow has become lumpy, doesn’t provide enough support to your head and neck, or has lost shape then it’s time to change it. Most people don’t think of changing their mattresses and are completely unaware of the dust mites that may enter them. The old, lumpy, and uncomfortable mattress can give you a lot of discomforts so you must invest in a new one to get a good night's sleep.

    • Don’t eat heavy meals late at night- You must consume a nutritionally balanced diet on time and invest few hours in exercising and meditation also. Eating high-calorie meals late at night can give you a lot of discomforts.

    • Invest in me-time- Take a warm bath, try aroma therapy or read an interesting book of your favorite author before gliding into your comfortable and cozy bed.

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    Verified Article by

    Dr. Ritu S Santwani

    Infertility treatment, Cosmetology, Recurrent abortion treatment, Menopause, Hysteroscopy & colposcopy, PCOS/PCOD, Sexual health - M.D (Obst & Gynaec)| FICOG, FIAOG, AMRCOG, ART-Singapore
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