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    Safety & Care

    Will it cause any harm to your baby if you fall during your pregnancy? 

    Written on 14 August 2018

    The journey of 9 months brings a lot of mental and physical changes in a woman’s body. Although the amniotic sac and the thick walls of the uterus are designed by mother nature to protect your growing baby. However, pregnancy brings changes in the center of your gravity which changes the way you walk and makes it difficult for you to maintain balance. Slips and fall accidents are quite common during pregnancy. A slight bump against something or a small slip might not harm the baby still there are a lot of misconceptions about falling and they are as follows:

    • Every fall can harm your baby’s mental growth and development- Mental and learning disability in a child can be because of genetic transmission (hereditary). As such, there is no proven theory that can connect mental disability with falls during pregnancy.

    • Any fall can put an end to pregnancy- If the impact of the slip or fall is minor then the baby is safe. If the fall is major and has injured the mother then something is there to worry and then you must immediately seek medical help.

    • The severe fall will hinder vaginal delivery- Doctors usually recommend C-section only when the baby’s position is not perfect or the mother is suffering from a chronic disease. However, if the fall is severe and has traumatized the mother then the doctor will certainly not recommend natural delivery.

    • You must worry only when you fall on your tummy- It's not like that any intense fall be it on your tummy, buttocks or even head may impact your pregnancy. To avoid putting your pregnancy at risk you must not take any intense fall or slip lightly. If you observe any changes in your body after a severe fall or slip then immediately rush to your closest hospital.

    You may experience slip or fall during pregnancy because of numerous reasons and they are as follows:

    • The shift in the center of gravity

    • Inflammation

    • Hormonal imbalance

    • Rapidly gaining body weight

    • Fluctuations in blood pressure levels and sugar levels

    If you’re wondering when to rush to the hospital then you must look out for these points:

    • Bleeding near the abdomen or vagina

    • Extreme excruciating pain

    • Leakage of amniotic fluid

    • No fetal movements after the severe fall

    If you wish to evaluate the severity of the fall and the possible repercussions of it then you must consider these factors:

    • The position- The risk to your baby is minimal if the mother has fallen on her back or knees. If the mother falls flat on her tummy and notices pain or other symptoms then immediately consult a gynecologist. The severe impact of the fall and slip might put the life of your unborn child in danger.

    • The age of the pregnant woman- If you are above the age of 35 then the chances of complications increase when you are pregnant. The chances of fall increase and it is highly important to consult a doctor.

    • The surface- It depends on how hard the surface is because the harder the surface the higher the impact it will put on the baby.

    God forbid if you fall during the first trimester of your pregnancy then the risk is minimal because the fetus is growing and hasn’t fully developed. The risk of danger increases if you fall in the second trimester because the uterus is not yet tucked into the pelvic region. A high amount of risk is involved if you ever fall in your third trimester because the baby has grown fully in the womb and the head of the baby is closer to the vagina. Severe fall or slip may badly impact your pregnancy which could result in miscarriage. Here are few tips for your safety to avoid any slips or falls during pregnancy:

    • Use guardrails while walking whenever possible.

    • Never hesitate to ask for help from family members, friends, or spouse.

    • Taking breaks and adequate rest are highly important during the daytime.

    • Soak your feet in warm water to relax muscular stress and combat inflammation.

    • Place anti-slip mats in your washrooms.

    • Avoid carrying hefty objects.

    • Be alert and active while walking.

    • Hire a massage therapist to relax your muscles.

    • Delegate the work and do not exert your body.

    • If you notice that your blood sugar levels or blood pressure levels are fluctuating then you must munch on something healthy and nutritional.

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