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    10 awesome ways to save money before planning a baby

    Written on 13 November 2020

    Being financially intellectual and well researched before you are ready for a baby is crucial. Here are certain ways in which you can try to save money before you plan a baby.

    Ways to save money for baby planning:

    1. Instead of stocking up on diapers, make cloth nappies at home or buy nappies in a budget. Diapers are way more expensive and are not needed when your baby is at home.
    2. Buy clothes in a limit. Your baby won't mind repeating clothes, and so you don't need to buy new clothes for your baby every now and then. The more you save on luxuries, the more you can invest in essential items.
    3. Instead of buying baby food, switch to alternatives at home like soup, boiled veggies, storing breast milk, etc. Do not go for expensive packaged baby food which is an unnecessary investment.
    4. Instead of getting multiple expensive toys, get some inexpensive toys which your child can have fun with, and it will be beneficial as there is no point in buying too many toys together since babies loose interest very fast.
    5. Buy products when they are on sale in advance or wait for them to go on sale if possible. You can also borrow or get some second-hand products if they are in good condition. This may be quite helpful when you are trying to save money.
    6. Don't go for very expensive or branded products. You can anyway get the same quality products from a local market, and there is no point in investing in premium-branded clothes or items for your baby.
    7. Don't invest in a nursery right away. Your baby does not need a separate room directly from the beginning. You can put up a bassinet near your bed and save the cost of a nursery.
    8. Buy things at a priority that you need at the moment. You don't have to stock up everything before you need it or your baby needs it. Invest in the things required presently only.
    9. Compare the costs of different items and services from other vendors before buying. You can get better prices from some places and research is crucial.
    10. Always make a budget for the entire month. You can use a Baby Budget Calculator tool to consider the expense you might be making on the household and your baby. The tool is available on the Mylo App for you to use.

    These are some calculative ways of how you can save some money before you plan a baby. Investing is essential but doing it more smartly is much more critical.

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