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      Top 10 Maths Puzzles for Kids to Keep Them Busy

      Top 10 Maths Puzzles for Kids to Keep Them Busy

      Updated on 2 November 2022

      Children are curious, but they also get bored easily. Their minds always seek a stimulus. Therefore, we often see parents handing over mobile phones to their kids to keep them busy. Phones are loaded with stimuli that keep them busy; however, it hinders their brain development. Instead of phones, parents can engage their kids with activities that challenge their brains and force them to think.

      10 Interesting Maths Puzzles for Kids

      Here are ten maths puzzles for kids that will help them spend their time productively.

      1. Maths crossword

      It is one of the maths puzzles for kids with mathematical challenges instead of words. It brings a new twist to the classic crossword game. Kids get maths-based clues to fill the rows and columns, like in a regular crossword. The best part about this puzzle is that the parents can change the maths clues to teach different operations like addition, division, and multiplication.

      2. Kakuro

      Kakuro is one of the crossword maths puzzles for kids, which is also known as “Cross Sums”. Kids use numbers one to nine to reach clues in the crossword. The parents can also use a small grid for their younger kids. The complexity can increase as kids get more used to the game. These crossword maths puzzles with answers for kids help sharpen their addition and critical thinking skills.

      3. Magic squares

      Magic squares have kept people engaged since times immemorial. This game originated in the Arab world and reached the West during the Renaissance through translated texts. Magic squares can be of multiple sizes; however, a three-by-three grid is ideal for young kids wherein they have to arrange the numbers one to nine so that the sum is always 15 when counted vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. To make it enjoyable, the parents can use label bottle caps and make kids rearrange them according to the rules.

      4. Magic triangle

      The magic triangle is one of the simple maths puzzles for kids. It is a game based on the same concept as magic squares; however, kids will have to arrange numbers one to six in a triangle so that each side of the triangle adds up to the same number.

      5. Sudoku

      Sudoku is a game that improves logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Sudoku has a nine-by-nine grid with some given numbers in its simplest form. Kids will have to fill in the empty squares in such a manner that numbers one to nine appear only once in each row and column and in the nine three-by-three smaller grids. Due to the Sudoku frenzy worldwide, parents can easily find Sudoku booklets and online maths puzzles with answers for kids.

      6. Prodigy

      While it is not one of the traditional maths puzzles for kids, Prodigy is a maths-based game where kids can apply their mathematical skills to develop logical reasoning and fluency. The most amazing part is that the game is based on their curriculum, and teachers also provide the students with mathematical content that can help them in the game.

      7. Yohaku maths puzzle

      Yohaku is one of the simple maths puzzles for kids. It consists of a three-by-three square grid whose bottom right corner shows an operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Kids must fill in the squares so that the rows and columns give equal numbers at the end.

      8. Number pyramid

      In a number pyramid, some numbers are arranged in the shape of a pyramid, while other squares are left empty. Kids have to fill the open squares with the correct answer. The number is the difference between the two numbers below it. Let kids stay busy while finding the solution to this pyramid.

      9. Toothpick maths puzzles

      Toothpick puzzles trigger kids’ logical thinking and geometrical knowledge too. Give them 12 toothpicks to make four squares. Let them figure out how to make six squares by moving only two toothpicks. The solution is quite simple, but it takes brain power to realise that the squares can be of different sizes too.

      Parents can find many more toothpick puzzles on the internet to keep their kids occupied.

      10. “Pick a Number” Puzzle

      Let the kids follow these steps

      - Choose a number (15)

      - Add 3 (15+3=18)

      - Double the number (18 x 2= 36)

      - Subtract four from the result (36-4=32)

      - Divide in half (32/2=16)

      - Subtract the original number (16-15=1)

      - The answer will always be one

      Such riddles make kids practice mental maths. They use algebraic thinking without consciously knowing about it.


      Mathematical puzzles have kept people engaged for ages. Different maths puzzles for kids can help them use their brains to solve these puzzles and brain teasers. Apart from reducing boredom and irritability, simple maths puzzles for kids will also increase their interest in the subject and help them overcome any fear. Make mathematics fun for children by using these maths puzzles with answers for kids.

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