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    What does a 10 weeks pregnant belly look like?

    Written on 20 July 2022

    A 10-week pregnant belly is not very overtly visible, but some people might start noticing the pregnancy around this time. The lower abdomen becomes much rounder around the 10th-week mark. Most expecting mothers get a pregnancy bump as they approach the first trimester of their pregnancy, while many may start showing a bit later.

    The appearance of the 10-week pregnancy belly happens because the foetus will have grown to the size of a ripe orange by this time. Hereon, the belly will keep growing every week, signifying healthy growth of the foetus.

    Things to know about the 10-week pregnancy baby bump

    The belly size and shape usually vary from one expectant mother to another. Therefore, different women may have different belly sizes and shapes during their pregnancy. The following factors play a pivotal role in the 10-week pregnancy baby bump:

    • Height and weight of the expecting mother
    • Bone structure
    • Body structure
    • Muscle structure and tone
    • Whether the woman was pregnant before or not

    Therefore, women need not get anxious by comparing their 10-week pregnancy bump with other expecting women. It varies from person to person.

    Here are some things that all expecting mothers must know:

    • It is not the same for everyone

    Often in the movies, we see a perfect baby bump that is symmetrical and protruding towards the frontal part. However, in reality, the baby bump does not look like that for most women. Women with a broader waist may not develop a big bump at an early pregnancy stage. The fat tissues of their sides and below the abdomen prevent the belly from looking prominent. Alternatively, women with lower body fat often develop a baby bump earlier than others. It is because there is less fat around their belly to prevent the bump from being visible.

    • Number of pregnancies

    The number of pregnancies that a woman has had before also determines the week 10 pregnancy bump size. According to a few studies, a woman who has been pregnant earlier may show a faster and a rounder bump around the 10th-week mark. Also, it might get bigger as she approaches the second trimester of the pregnancy. This happens because women who have experienced pregnancy before tend to have softer muscles in the abdomen which stretch faster, leading to them developing a bigger belly.

    • Number of foetuses

    Pregnant women who are expecting twins or triplets will naturally have a bigger 10 weeks pregnancy belly as compared to women who are expecting just one.

    Some tips for expecting mothers

    The women who have crossed the 10-week pregnancy mark need not worry about the size and shape of their belly much. The feeling of being pregnant is much more special, and that does not come only with having a big belly.

    Here are some tips for expecting mothers:

    • The doctor might suggest some exercises to the expecting mothers. Doing these exercises will help keep their belly strong and flexible during the pregnancy.
    • Pregnant women can start using stretch mark lotions and creams in the early stages of pregnancy, even if their belly is not stretching much. The early application of these creams will help reduce the occurrence of stretch marks. However, they must consult a doctor or dermatologist before using anything.
    • Sometimes, the belly might grow much faster than expected. Don’t worry; it does not mean the baby is growing faster. It may happen due to bloating and other structural changes the 10-week pregnant belly goes through.
    • To keep the 10-week pregnancy bump comfortable, the expecting mothers must wear loose and comfortable clothes. They must avoid wearing tight pants and shirts that can hinder the growth of their belly.
    • The baby starts to show signs of movement after the first trimester. It may cause pain in the lower abdomen, but that’s quite natural, and there is nothing to worry about.
    • Before the first 10 weeks, the pregnancy bump might sometimes appear bigger or smaller. It is usually due to the bowel distention that causes the building up of gases inside the belly. This is normal. However, women should consult the doctor if they feel constant severe pain in the abdomen.


    This was everything you needed to know about the 10-week pregnant belly. Usually, doctor visits become frequent after the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about, as the pregnancy is monitored constantly. However, they must also take more care of themselves and eat healthy food to ensure the sound health of the foetus growing inside their belly.

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