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    Everything You Need to Know at the 8 Week Mark of Your Pregnancy

    Written on 20 July 2022

    Throughout their pregnancy, mothers are always wondering what is going on with their baby each moment. Like, how many months is 8 weeks pregnant? Well, she is two months pregnant at this time, and questions about pregnancy are pretty normal at this point.

    What is going on with the baby at Week 8?

    At week 8 of pregnancy, the baby starts growing a few millimetres daily. The baby’s nose, lips, and eyelids develop along with their fingers and toes, which are only a little webbed at this point. The baby's taste buds also start to develop during this stage

    • At this first prenatal appointment, the physician may draw blood from the mother for several diagnostic tests to know the mother’s blood group and whether she is Rh positive or not (if the mother is negative and the baby is positive, the physician will prescribe medications to the mother to prevent future complications).
    • Tests to check the mother’s hormonal levels and red and white blood cell counts will also be performed to ensure that they are within the normal range.
    • The physician may also, at this point, prescribe diagnostic tests to screen the mother’s blood for any viral infections like Hepatitis B, STDs, HIV, etc., or any other immunological disorders.
    • A few other tests like a pap smear test may also be done to check for blood infections or any other abnormalities. The mother will also have to get their urine sample checked for signs of urinary tract infections (UTI) and blood protein levels.

    What are the pregnancy symptoms at Week 8?

    At week 8 of pregnancy, due to the change in hormone levels, the mother will feel the following symptoms:

    Sore breasts

    As the milk-producing lobules in the breasts start to expand at this point, the breasts may feel bigger, heavier, and also very sore.


    Due to hormonal fluctuations and changes in blood pressure and sugar levels, the mother may experience a high level of fatigue at this time.

    Morning sickness

    At week 8, nausea could be really strong due to hormonal changes.

    Heightened sense of smell

    Mothers should try to avoid any scent they might be sensitive to as a heightened sense of smell developed at this point can cause nausea.

    Pregnancy cramps

    Cramping is normal as the ligaments in the mother’s abdomen are stretching due to the expansion of the uterus.


    Constipation is another significant symptom that the mothers face at this point. To avoid this, they should drink plenty of water, incorporate fibre-rich fruits and veggies into their diet, and take long walks.


    A mother may experience spotting at this point, which may or may not be alarming. If this happens, they should consult their physician immediately to rule out any problems.

    What to keep in mind at 8 weeks of pregnancy?

    • Regular track body weight
    • Start mild exercising (gentle warm-ups and moderate level of exercise)
    • Should have mini-meals at regular intervals, instead of heavy ones at once
    • Eat healthy carbs and fibre-rich food

    What should I do in my 8 weeks of pregnancy to make my baby more healthy?

    At this point, as the baby is growing by leaps and bounds, the mother can consider the following to ensure the growth is healthy:

    • Scheduling the first prenatal physician visit
    • Taking more nutrients like calcium, iron, folic acid, protein, etc.
    • Avoiding alcohol and smoking


    8 weeks pregnant in months translates to the 2-month mark. At this point, 32 weeks are remaining in the pregnancy. The mother should continue caring for her health properly to make this a smooth and safe journey.


    1. Which trimester is the mother going through now?

    The mother is currently going through her first trimester.

    1. How many weeks to go before the mother delivers the baby?

    At this point, the mother has 32 more weeks to go before delivery.

    1. At 8 weeks, how big is the baby?

    At week 8, the baby is growing at an amazing rate and is approximately half to three-quarters of an inch long in size, like a raspberry.

    1. What can be seen at the 8 weeks ultrasound?

    At 8 weeks of pregnancy, physicians generally prescribe the first prenatal checkup, where one may see a glimpse of their 8-week foetus on the ultrasound.

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