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    Velamentous Cord Insertion - Precautions, Results & Safety

    Umbilical Cord Complications

    Velamentous Cord Insertion - Precautions, Results & Safety

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    Velamentous cord insertion is a serious condition that occurs during the course of pregnancy. Certain precautions and safety measures need to be taken in order to prevent it from causing any more complex issues. This article provides some tips to help you manage this condition properly.

    When the umbilical cord that links you to your unborn child doesn't properly attach to the placenta, it results in Velamentous Cord Insertion. Learn more about velamentous placenta

    When the umbilical cord attaches itself improperly, it leads to a velamentous insertion of umbilical cord. There are certain precautions that one needs to take if diagnosed with this condition. This article illustrates the complications, causes, and necessary treatment that can help in having a smoother pregnancy and childbirth period for you.

    There are various problems that arise along with the blessing of a pregnancy in a woman's life. From conception till birth, regular monitoring needs to be done to ensure that there are no serious complications and that the baby is healthy throughout.

    Velamentous cord insertion occurs when the umbilical cord shows problems in attaching to the right place. This can lead to various problems both for the mother and the unborn child.

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    What is Velamentous Cord Insertion?

    Velamentous cord insertion is a complication during pregnancy in which the umbilical cord from the foetus doesn't attach properly to the placenta. The placenta is a bridge between you and the foetus as it helps in providing necessary nutrients to the baby.

    In the case of velamentous insertion of the umbilical cord, it has to traverse longer to reach the placenta and the blood vessels of the cord are exposed as it is not protected by a substance called Wharton's jelly. Thus, the vessels may bleed and burst very easily leading to vaginal bleeding.

    Signs of Velamentous Cord Insertion

    The sign of a velamentous cord is that you may have vaginal bleeding, especially during the third trimester. Additionally, during imaging studies, it may be seen that the foetus may have a slow heartbeat as well as a reduced supply of blood.

    What causes velamentous cord insertion?

    Some of the causes of velamentous insertion are as follows:

    • Cases of vasa previa, where the blood vessels of the cord run exposed near the cervix

    Precautions to take for velamentous cord insertion

    Certain precautions need to be taken such as reducing your smoking when pregnant, maintaining a healthy body weight, and regular check-ups during every stage of your pregnancy.

    Risks of velamentous cord insertion

    Some of the risk factors associated with velamentous cord insertion are maternal obesity, gestational diabetes, nulliparity (inability to have children), Type 1 diabetes, whether you are smoking, your age, chronic hypertension, and Type 1 diabetes.

    How is velamentous cord insertion diagnosed?

    Velamentous cord insertion can be diagnosed through routine ultrasound of the abdomen. In some cases, colour Doppler ultrasound or transvaginal ultrasound may be required as the case may be.

    Treatment of velamentous cord insertion

    Once it is confirmed through testing that there is a velamentous insertion, your doctor may suggest weekly testing through a nonstress test or ultrasounds. This is to make sure that the pregnancy proceeds smoothly without any major complications. If there are no serious problems, your doctor may not induce early labour. However, you will be prevented from going above 40 weeks, in any case. If you do not have conditions such as vasa previa or placenta previa, a C-section is generally not recommended.

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    How to prevent velamentous cord insertion?

    You cannot prevent velamentous insertion in the natural state. The only way forward is early diagnosis and close monitoring every 4 to 6 weeks during various stages of your pregnancy.

    Pregnancy is an important part of a woman's life and it is usual that various complications may turn up at different stages. Hence, it is important that you consult a gynaecologist who is specialised in providing the proper care and treatment according to your needs.


    1. What activities can I perform with velamentous cord insertion?

    It is advisable to take ample bed rest during this condition. Certain household chores are counted as proper to do. It is suggested to avoid strenuous, stress-inducing activities such as carrying heavy objects.

    2. How much rest should I take with velamentous cord insertion?

    Generally, if there is bleeding, your doctor will recommend full bed rest with bathroom privileges. You will need to have assistance to move around.

    3. What exercises are recommended for velamentous cord insertion?

    Apart from medically managing, it is suggested to avoid exercises such as running and climbing up stairs, especially during the later stages of pregnancy.


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