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    Sonography after four weeks

    Updated on 3 November 2023

    Why Is It Crucial To Get Sonography Done After Four Weeks Of Pregnancy?

    There is no doubt that an ultrasound scan can get numerous mothers excited. In fact, they get an opportunity to learn more about their unborn child. If you are only a month pregnant, it may be important for you to give it a bit of time! Thus, this is because you will need to complete a minimum of six weeks to be able to clearly see your baby through an ultrasound scan.

    Why Is A Sonography Test Beneficial?

    One of the first things a woman will do after she finds out about her pregnancy is to consult a professional gynecologist. During the initial stages, an ultrasound or a sonography scan can help a woman confirm her new phase. However, it may be crucial for you to understand that an ultrasound does not show immediate expectations.

    Your doctor will be able to monitor the fetus after the mother has completed six weeks of her pregnancy. The sonography test done during this stage helps your doctor to understand the viability of your pregnancy.

    Therefore, you will need to understand that the sonography test cannot give answers to all your questions related to the baby, not in a span of four weeks at least! In fact, you may have to wait for a bit longer, to learn more about the condition of your baby.

    Stages Of Pregnancy Shown By An Ultrasound Scan

    A sonography test can help you determine the growing condition of your baby anywhere between week 6 to week 9. In fact, the information that an ultrasound reveals can help you determine under which initial pregnancy stage you are. So far, there are four stages of the initial ultrasound pregnancy scan.

    Stage 1

    During this stage, an ultrasound scan usually shows the interaction of the uterus with the fertilized egg. In fact, this could happen on a day anywhere closer to your menstrual cycle. The scan also shows the uterus lining that becomes thicker.

    Stage 2

    Considering around five weeks have passed after your last period, this scan shows the uterus lining containing a fluid. This indicates the development of your gestational sac.

    Stage 3

    At week 6 after your last period, the gestation sac is developed. Apart from that, your doctor will also be able to see the yolk sac inside the gestation sac, which is about 3mm to 5mm.

    Stage 4

    After you complete six weeks of your pregnancy, your gynecologist will be able to determine a fetal pole during the sonography test. This is one of the initial stages that indicate the growth of an embryo.

    Yet again, it may be beneficial for you to understand that not all pregnant women progress through the same pregnancy timeline. Since there is usually a variability associated with a woman’s menstrual cycle, the timeline of the fertilization can be altered as well! Eventually, what your doctor observes during an ultrasound can be subjected to a change. Therefore, it is usually recommended that you undergo a transvaginal ultrasound scan for better clarity of the condition.

    When Should One Generally Consider Getting Another Ultrasound Scan?

    If you are a new mother, you might get anxious if the doctor does not notice any fetus or heartbeat during your first sonography test. In fact, you may want to know when to book the next appointment. Yet again, your pregnancy takes time to progress further. In fact, undergoing an ultrasound test repeatedly wouldn’t confirm if the fetus is growing or not. Consider waiting for a few weeks before you schedule the next appointment with your doctor.

    Your doctor may recommend you get an ultrasound scan done in another two weeks if the previous scan only shows your gestational sac. However, if both the gestation as well as the yolk sac are shown, your doctor may preferably tell you to visit after 11 days. Yet again, waiting for a good two weeks can answer most of your questions related to the pregnancy.

    If the fetal pole is seen during the sonography scan, without any cardiac movement, then your doctor may tell you to visit after one week. Although waiting during such phases may turn out to be quite hard, it is usually way better to get a clear report than potentially undergo multiple sonography scans.

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    Probability Of Pregnancy Loss During Week 4

    It may be important for you to realize that pregnancy loss is a possibility no matter what pregnancy stage you are at! Most women may experience a miscarriage during their first trimester. During a sonography test, if the baby has a length of 7mm or more, but no sign of fetal heart, it may indicate the beginning stages of a pregnancy loss. Therefore, consider booking an appointment with your professional gynecologist to learn more about your stage of pregnancy.


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