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    Twins & Triplets

    What are the common health conditions that you should be aware about when expecting more than one baby? 

    Written on 14 August 2018

    Pregnancy in itself is exciting and can become even more joyful with the news of twins. But it also comes with increased risks for complications like premature birth, even if not profound. While there is a rush of many emotions, we understand you want to be as aware as possible about everything. This is why we have compiled a list of common complications that you might face when pregnant with twins or more than one baby.

    Premature Delivery

    Premature delivery is the most commonly faced complication associated with twins or triplets. Almost half the twins are born early, which often leads to some health-related problems in babies.

    Lack of healthy red blood cells from too little iron can lead to premature birth. It is called iron deficiency anaemia, making it essential for you to add iron to your diet as recommended by your doctor.


    There is a higher probability of having diabetes when expecting twins or triplets, also called Gestational diabetes. It is essential to disclose your medical history and family history for the doctor to check for signs of gestational diabetes. If needed, your doctor might prescribe a glucose tolerance test to check for signs of gestational diabetes by assessing everything.


    More than half of twins are born underweight, weighing less than 5 1/2 pounds. These babies are also more prone to health problems when compared to babies born alone. Conditions such as vision and hearing loss and mental disabilities are commonly seen in these babies.


    High blood pressure, swelling, headache, and vision-related challenges are regular in multiple-pregnancy and are called preeclampsia. However, if not treated on time and properly, preeclampsia can end up depriving your baby of oxygen and nutrients while also posing a serious risk to your organs.

    Sensations of pain and tingling

    Sensations of pain and tingling in the leg and lower-back are common during multiple pregnancies but are not considered dangerous. Taking certain precautions like wearing shoes that fit you properly and are comfortable can make the real difference.


    No matter how heart-breaking it sounds but miscarriage also has higher chances when pregnant with twins and is also called vanishing twin syndrome. This syndrome is due to chromosomal problems that happen during fertilization.

    Healthy Lifestyle - the solution to everything

    Eating nutritious food, taking enough rest and regularly visiting the doctor are important steps for any pregnant woman to take towards a healthy pregnancy.

    These steps are especially important during multiple pregnancies. Expecting twins means additional dietary needs as you now have to eat for three humans. If your diet is not proper or nutritious, it can lead to problems that can be dangerous for the babies and you. And we know that as a mother, you don't want to leave anything to chance.

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