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    Nose bleeding during pregnancy

    Written on 2 July 2019

    Nose bleeding during pregnancy

    Don’t get terrified while spotting blood after a nose blow. Nose bleeds are common during pregnancy due to hormonal variations. Do you know that 20% of pregnant women experience nose bleeds? Let’s get to know more about nose bleeding during pregnancy. 

    Why does the nose bleed during pregnancy? 

    The blood circulating in the body elevates during the first trimester making the heart work harder. This intends that your inner nasal passage also collects more blood. Due to enhanced blood volume, the tiny blood vessels inside your nose may get hurt. These blood vessels burst and result in a nose bleed. 

    A nose bleeding happens from a few seconds to more than ten minutes. Blood flows out from either one or both the nostrils. 

    Ways to stop nose bleeding 

    • Maintain an upright head by sitting or standing. By this method, the blood vessels inside your nose receive decreased pressure. 

    • Below the bony ridge, pinch the soft area of the nose with forefinger and thumb. Press two sides of the nose after pinching. 

    • For about ten minutes, pinch without releasing. 

    • For ones experiencing more blood flow, could bend forward and breathe through the mouth. This helps blood flow out of the nose instead of back to the throat. 

    • It is better to place an ice pack on the bony part of the nose. 

    • Release the pinch after ten minutes and watch out if bleeding ceased. 

    • If not, continue the process again for ten minutes.

    Ways to avoid nose bleed

    • Avert large sneezes and blow the nose gently. 

    • Sidestep the habit of picking your nose. 

    • During winter months, while air is dry, chances for nose bleeds are high. Hence, using a dehumidifier to moisten air is the right way. 

    • If you had a recent nose bleed avoid hitting the nose. 

    • Sneeze while keeping your mouth open. 

    • Avert getting into vigorous exercise for 12 hours after bleeding. 

    No need to panic as nose bleeding is normal during pregnancy. Getting in touch with your doctor is recommended during serious cases. Hope the information is beneficial and informative for pregnant women. 

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