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    Working Parent

    Do you want to make a successful return to work and wondering how to balance your career and family? Here are 7 tips for achieving a better work-life balance. 

    Written on 16 August 2018

    We must never stop trying even though it’s tough to always find an equilibrium between professional and personal lives. Working continuously without any relaxation or rest can cause several physical, mental and social problems and on the other hand, too much play and little work can hinder your personal growth. With some simple changes to your mindset and your daily routine, you can easily maintain a healthy work-life balance whether you are working full-time in a multinational company or as a freelancer. Here are some quick tips that will help you lead a stress-free life:

    • CREATE A SCHEDULE- Depending on what time of the day you prefer (being a morning person or an evening person) you must use that valuable quiet time for concentrating on your health. After that long hectic day, it’s tough to wake up early in the morning however if you can drag yourself out from bed in the morning then you can invest ample time in exercising, meditation, listening to your favorite motivational speaker, or reading the newspaper. You can join virtual yoga or aerobics classes with your spouse. A morning shower with your favorite podcast can surely give your day a kick start.

    • CREATE AND FOLLOW SOME GROUND RULES- Stick to your work hours and draw some lines to finish the assigned work in those particular hours. Avoid distractions like notifications from social media, television, or radio playing in the background. Keep your phone on alert mode to get those work-based notifications only. You must schedule important events in your phone’s calendar so that you don’t miss an important virtual meeting. You can pen down your to-do list on a sticky paper and fix it on the refrigerator.

    • GET HELP- You can hire a nanny, live-in maid, or a part-time maid so that she can help you with the daily chores while taking care of your little one. If you have a maid at home who cooks for your family then you can ask her to get fresh fruits and vegetables because it will save your time. Download an app to buy groceries/medicines online and make sure you opt for cashless deliveries. You can ask your maid to iron your clothes and your children’s uniform a day before as that will save your time.

    • PLAN MEALS & PRE-COOK- For weekdays you can opt for simple recipes that require minimum preparation and cooking time. You can ask your partner to help you in the kitchen for preparing 2 meals at a time and don’t forget to make good use of the freezer. You can ask your maid to do cutting and chopping of the vegetables so that it's easier for you to cook quickly.

    • KNOW YOUR LIMITS- Don’t act like a robot and be kind to yourself. Not everything will fall into place as you decided so it's okay to face some disasters like burned dinner and unwashed clothes. Make peace with the challenging times and accept that you are doing your best. You must never skip that lunch break no matter how hectic your schedule is. Spare some hours for your family and friends for the weekend. You can plan a get-together or a family picnic so that you can know how life is treating you all.

    • EMBRACE CHANGE- Children grow and gain new skills, your office environment demands transition, as a parent your responsibilities changes, and you look out for more opportunities to gain that financial security. Instead of getting annoyed, you must open-heartedly embrace the inevitable changes.

    • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF- Keep your phone and laptop away when you are spending quality time with your family and friends. Multitasking for the entire week can make you really exhausted and tired so do not compromise on that monthly spa treatment, date night with your partner, or a regular lunch outing with colleagues. Set aside some time for your hobbies and never regret taking that power nap after your lunch because that will refresh you for the second half of the day.

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