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    Do you also want to choose an Ayurvedic diet during your pregnancy? 

    Written on 28 June 2019

    Without a doubt, pregnancy is a beautiful phase and an exciting time for every woman. During this phase, extra care needs to be taken to stay healthy, active and fit. If a pregnant woman is eating healthy and has a relaxed state of mind then the child growing inside her will be hale and hearty. Living in this modern age Ayurveda can be a wonderful complement to the care you are already receiving from your gynecologist and other family members. A pregnant woman undergoes many physical and mental changes but one should not forget that self-care is highly important during this period. As per experts of Ayurveda, Pregnancy is viewed as a unique and blissful time in a woman’s life and we all must have heard about that intangible pregnancy glow also. To get that glow during pregnancy one must balance their Vata Dosha. If a pregnant woman rigorously follows these ancient Ayurvedic diet tips then she can give birth to a healthy baby who will be radiant and well-nourished. Below-mentioned is the month-wise food regimen for a pregnant woman:

    • The first trimester- The fetus is quite unstable during the early weeks of pregnancy so that’s why experts of Ayurveda recommend all pregnant ladies to consume more liquids that are sweet and have a cooling effect on the body. Consuming water chestnut (singhara) is highly important as that helps in stabilizing the fetus as it is also known as Garbhasthapan food. One must consume whole milk (approximately 3-4 cups) by adding cow’s ghee to it. Adding different flavors like cardamom powder, almonds, Kesar, rose syrup to the milk can make it even more relishing.

    • In the third month- Frequently consuming rice with milk is considered highly important in this month as it provides a cooling effect to the internal organs. One can add medicated sweet herbs like Shatavari and Bala to a glass of milk. You can also start consuming honey and ghee in equal quantities by adding them to cow’s milk from this month. You must avoid heating it altogether.

    • In the fourth month- Pure kahpa and rakta are essential during this month because the heart of the fetus starts working in this month. The quantity of food consumption in a day time should also increase especially the breakfast and the lunch. Butter, curd, and meat can be eaten in this month.

    • In the fifth month- The mind and the heart of the fetus become promptly active and that’s why consuming rice with cow’s milk is recommended because milk is a boon to the making of the heart and mind.

    • In the sixth month- Recollecting power and power of perception of the fetus begins from this month so one must consume Liquorice and Shatavari early morning on an empty stomach. One can also add Gokshura to a bowl of porridge.

    • In the seventh month- The blood, bones, and intellect start working in this month so one should continue eating the sixth month’s diet.

    • In the eighth month- One must consume gruel made up of rice, vermicelli, Sooji once a day during this month. You can make sweet gruel in milk as that’ll keep your digestive system light.

    • In the ninth month- One must consume healthy fats in their diets like olive oil, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, almonds, raisins, and seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, etc. Avocado, fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, dairy products, and plenty of liquids are important during this phase.

    As per experts of Ayurveda, there are 9 Garbhopadravas (pregnancy diseases)- Anorexia, Edema, Nausea, Retention of urine, Dryness of mouth, Diarrhea, Fever, Anemia, and Vomiting. Junk foods, aerated drinks, consumption of alcohol, cigarette smoking, mushrooms, caffeine, processed foods, hot and spicy should be strictly avoided to stay healthy during pregnancy. Each situation should be carefully diagnosed and treated under a certified practitioner only. The food offered to a pregnant woman should be freshly cooked and wholesome. The average diet for pregnancy is as follows:

    • Cereals and pulses

    • Tubers and roots

    • Green leafy vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits

    • Flesh foods and dairy products

    • Dry fruits and seeds

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