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    Working Parent

    If you're heading back to work after maternity leave then these 7 tips will help you ease the transition. 

    Written on 7 November 2017

    Looking after your newborn baby is no doubt one of the soul-filling jobs to do but that doesn’t mean you need to carry any kind of guilt when planning to go back to work. Heading back to work after your maternity leave can be overwhelming, stressful, and emotional but if you’re prepared for it and have made the right arrangements then you’re good to go. On one hand, it’s hard to leave your newborn baby with another family member or a stranger and on the other hand, you want to impeccably adjust to your new role as a working mother. It might make you anxious and worried at the beginning however if you have made the best arrangements for your little one then the transition will be quite smooth. Here are some ways that will make heading back to work a little less stressful:

    • DEPENDABLE CHILDCARE- The thought of leaving your child behind with a stranger can make you feel nervous and jittery. If you have other supportive family members to take care of the baby then you’re blessed. If you are under any obligation to hire a nanny or live-in maid then you must ensure a trustworthy supervisor so that the baby is never harmed. You can also search for a reliable daycare facility nearby. Don’t forget to install CCTV cameras in your house if you have to leave your baby with the nanny.

    • PLAN BREASTFEEDING- Find a tidy private space at your workplace to pump. Determine and figure out an At-work breastmilk pumping session. You can tell your employers about the situation and make sure you’re getting all the required facilities to pump and store the stock of your breastmilk.

    • WORK/LIFE BALANCE CHALLENGES- To reduce the hassle you must stock up your essentials that include nursing pads, diapers, formula milk powder, sanitary pads, breast pumps, and healthy snacks. At home also you must stock up the groceries and medicines well in advance to avoid any last-minute rushes. Keep your basics ready a night or week before like packing your work bag, car keys or house keys in place, the outfit for the next day, baby’s clothes, diaper bag, water bottles, menu and half preparation of the lunch boxes, etc.

    • BE FLEXIBLE- Have a word with your employer and clarify your work schedule. Don’t hesitate to ask for few flexible hours at work and be gentle to yourself. You can even ask for work from home options somewhere in the middle of the workweek. Be upfront with your boss and seek support from colleagues. Be in communication and maintain healthy relations with your boss and colleagues.

    • SET ASIDE TIME FOR YOUR MOMMY LIFE- It's good to focus on work but you must not forget that you are a nursing mother. If you are unable to spend quality time with your newborn baby at home then you will be too distracted at the work and that may hinder your productivity. You must cuddle pamper and hug your baby before leaving and after coming back from work. Spending quality time with your baby will make you feel contented, happy, and relaxed.

    • HAVE A HEALTHY MORNING ROUTINE AND SET A BEDTIME ROUTINE- If you have established a good bedtime routine for your baby then you will never feel sleep-deprived at work. If you have planned and organized everything in advance then you can adopt a healthy morning routine by going out for a walk or practicing postnatal yoga. To remain healthy, calm, and fit you need to be highly disciplined and organized. A healthy sleeping pattern plays a vital role in a working mother’s life.

    • FUEL YOUR BODY- To balance everything perfectly you need to have a healthy body and active mind. Make sure you are eating a lot of green vegetables, seasonal fruits, drinking plenty of fluids and fiber-rich foods because returning to work might leave you exhausted, and to keep going you need to fuel your body. Eat healthy foods and maintain your workout routine because that will help you balance your personal and professional life. To boost your self-confidence, you must dress appropriately because that makes you look polished and smart.

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