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    Working Parent

    How to spend some quality time with your baby after work?

    Written on 16 August 2018

    Effective tips to steal time from your busy schedule for your little one

    Being a working parent can be fast and furious. The switch from staying all the time with your baby during the maternity leave to a handful of hours in a day could be disappointing for anyone. If your story sounds similar to this, read on to know some simple strategies to steal time from your busy schedule -

    • Play smart with the daily chores

    The thought of the washed laundry sitting on a couch for days may not sit well with you. But what you should do is optimize outfits. When sorting laundry, set a week’s worth of clothes for your little one aside and label them too. Think of those chores that can be done later because chores do not have a set schedule.

    • Outsourcing tasks

    Outsourcing may not make sense to you at first especially for the tasks you are an expert in. But sometimes, to keep your sanity as a mom, it is worth to take help. You can outsource someone to prepare food ingredients so that you can cook and serve, clean your home, babysit, handle emails and tasks that can be delegated, buying groceries, and a lot more. Be it a friend, colleague, family, or house help - It is OK to hire out tasks someone else can do.

    • Incorporate personal interests into family life

    It is important not to lose your own identity when you are blessed with the title of “Parent.” Rather try to incorporate those personal interests into family life to create a bond that will last forever. Exercise together, read a favorite book, head outdoors etc.

    • Enjoy the little things

    Not every moment spent together would-be scrapbook-worthy but there are special times every day when the simple things are enough to create a beautiful bond with your baby such as reading, singing, dancing around the house, and more.

    • Ask for a flexible schedule

    Staring and leaving work early could allow you to spend more time with your baby. You can request for flexible or part-time schedule keeping in mind the employer’s benefit as well. Offer a trial period and see if things can be managed.

    Lastly, never consider the regular tasks such as diaper changing, bath time as hassles rather they are the golden opportunities to spend some quality time with your baby. He does not care whether you are changing diaper or making him bath, all he sees is “YOU.”

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