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    Designing a Nursery

    8 things to consider while designing your baby's nursery 

    Written on 14 August 2018

    If possible, you would want to paint the whole world a rainbow and pull down the sun a little bit more, for your budding star. Though It is not practical to do so but you can still design his room to make it cosy and comfortable. We advise you to go through the below-mentioned suggestions to get the best of both worlds-

    1. Patience is the key: Setting the room up for your soon coming baby angel is the most thrilling task by far. But it’s even better if you are well-planned and don’t rush to buy everything in one trip to the market. Be focused on basics like no paint crib, mild but enough lighting, and so on.

    1. Crib safety: The crib is one of the most important accessory of your baby’s room. Make sure it has a proper height where even standing up baby is also safe. Also, the distance between the railings (if it has) should not be more than 6 cm to avoid the risk of his head getting stuck.

    1. Gender neutrality: We suggest you not to stereotype by painting the room blue for boys and pink for girls. It's not healthy for the kid to grow with pre-conceived notions instead let him explore himself.

    1. No limits: If you base the room on a theme like princess or jungle it will limit your choices so better let all options be open and no theme for the room.

    1. Smoke detector: It’s one of the biggest and best safety gadgets if you can make it possible to install in your baby’s room.

    1. Good investment: You should invest in a good rocking chair for the relaxation of the care giver because you need the rest as well during those lazy small breaks. You can also snuggle up with him, read a story, or feed him taking the privilege of the chair.

    1. Don’t crowd the crib: Of course, you want the crib to be the baby’s most comforting corner yet you need to avoid the clutter. That will decrease the risk of dust secretion and suffocation.

    1. Blackouts: You can plant thick curtains or films over the windows because no-one wants to wake up to a stark light. It can also encourage the baby to sleep for longer hours.

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