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    Stretch Marks Removal: Tips & Remedies

    Written on 20 January 2022

    It is common to have stretch marks! Nearly all women get stretch marks during pregnancy.

    Though these rip marks are harmless, some women wear them as a badge of honor, symbolizing how their bodies changed through their pregnancies, while for others, they might be an eyesore. In this article, you will find what are the causes of stretch marks and what are the best practices & tips to reduce stretch marks, pain, and itching in pregnancy.

    Why do Stretch Marks Occur and What are the Causes

    So, what causes stretch marks?

    Stretch marks appear on any body part that undergoes sudden growth, weight loss, or weight gain. Stretch marks are a common problem, and anyone can face it, including men, women, or teenagers.

    Stretch marks in pregnancy occur when the skin is unable to adapt with the growing uterus and gets stretched at the same rate, causing the tissues and collagen in the skin to tear and form stretch marks. Further, pregnancy hormones weaken the fiber in the skin, causing stretch marks.

    What exactly do stretch marks look like?

    Stretch marks usually appear as a network of red, white, or purple-hued lines on the arms, torso, breasts, stomach, hips, and thighs.

    When do they appear in pregnancy?

    They start appearing between weeks 13 and 21 of pregnancy and are more visible on fair-skinned women. They can be genetic also, which means that if your mother had them, then the chances of you developing them are also high.

    Top 11 Tips to Follow When Trying to Prevent & Treat Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

    Now, when you are known how and when to treat stretch marks, keep a note of these 11 tips to follow in pregnancy to help prevent & treat stretch marks:

    1. Apply Mylo Care Stretch Marks Cream daily to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It consists of shea butter, saffron, coconut oil, and kokum, which help nourish, heal, and repair skin and reduce stretch marks,

    2. Dhanwantaram Oil massage also helps in reducing stretch marks. It consists of sesame, sandalwood, amla, cow’s milk, and Ashwagandha, which are safe and fantastic for your skin.

    3. Regular application of Aloe Vera Gel also helps in soothing the affected area of your body and nourishing the stretch marks and reducing dryness.

    4. Eat loads of vitamin C-rich food items to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

    5. Sugar and lime juice scrub also reduce stretch marks and evens out your skin.

    6. Staying hydrated during pregnancy has a significant impact on ensuring that your skin stays healthy.

    7. Keeping your weight in control also ensures that you do not get stretch marks during pregnancy.

    8. Moisturize your skin every day with a gentle and mild moisturizer, which is made of natural ingredients.

    9. Use a coffee scrub on the affected area to lighten the appearance of stretch marks.

    10. Consume foods that are rich in zinc as they boost the skin healing process and keep your skin healthy.

    11. The application of potato juice also helps to lighten marks and scars on the skin during pregnancy.

    7 Facts about Pregnancy Stretch Marks You Wish You Knew Before

    Stretch marks can be different for different individuals. Here are some facts which you should know about stretch marks:

    1. You don’t have to be overweight to have stretch marks:

    Pregnancy stretch marks appear due to the increasing belly size. It has nothing to deal with your body weight while pregnant.

    2. Stretch marks are genetic:

    If your mother had stretch marks during pregnancy, then there is a possibility that you will get stretch marks too. It is hereditary.

    3. Pregnancy stretch marks don’t spread to other body parts:

    Stretch marks are not contagious. They will not spread to any other body part other than where they are. However, they may get intense with the increasing belly size, and their visibility may increase.

    4. Stretch marks can look different for different people:

    Stretch marks' appearance may vary from individual to individual. Some people may have dark-colored stretch marks such as maroon or purple. It can be different for a lighter skin tone.

    5. Stretch marks can be prevented:

    With effective remedies and products, you can prevent stretch marks from appearing during pregnancy. Mylo store has a unique range of stretch marks removal products.

    6. Stretch marks fade away:

    Stretch marks will eventually fade away if you are consistent with oil massages. Cell renewal and regeneration will make your stretch marks lighten if you follow stretch marks removal regimes consistently.

    7. Pregnancy stretch marks won’t go away overnight:

    You have to work on your stretch marks to make them disappear. It is not going to happen overnight, so be patient and keep following the routine.

    Applying a stretch marks cream helps if you use it consistently on the affected area. Mylo Care Stretch Marks Day & Night Kit is a great option to fade away stretch marks. This unique regime is powered with ingredients like shea butter, sea buckthorn oil, and other essential butter and oils that help moisturize dry skin, soothe itching, prevent & lighten stretch marks.

    Here's how you can reduce the pain and itching caused by pregnancy stretch marks:

    Though stretch marks are not harmful and do not cause pain; however, the affected area can get dry and become scratchy. To help you out, we have enlisted some remedies which will prevent itching and pain around stretch marks:

    1. Oatmeal bath

    Oatmeal bath moisturizes your skin and ensures that the natural oils of your skin are restored. They soothe the itching and make your skin soft and hydrated. Also, oatmeal adds nourishment to your skin during bathing.

    2. Oil Massages

    Massaging the affected area with Ayurvedic and natural oils can be of help. Use coconut oil to massage stretch marks to get rid of the itching and dryness surrounding it. Coconut oil is very well known to moisturize skin.

    The dryness may also induce pain. Coconut Oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce itching. Mylo Care Stretch Marks Oil is enriched with coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil, argan oil, and several other nutrients to prevent your skin from getting stretched and causing itchiness.

    3. Stretch Marks Cream

    Stretch Marks Cream helps in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It also helps in healing, nourishing, and repairing your skin tissues. Regular use of stretch marks cream enhances skin elasticity and helps in promoting the lightening of the skin.

    You can get a Stretch Marks Cream from Mylo because it is 100% natural and effective. It is enriched with a powerful and efficient formula that is completely safe to be used during pregnancy and even after your child is born. However, you have to be consistent with the use of stretch marks cream to see results!

    4. Gentle cleansing

    Use a mild and gentle cleanser for cleaning your skin during pregnancy, especially on your stretch marks. A harsh cleanser can make your stretch marks dry, and the dryness can cause pain and itchiness.

    Whichever remedy you try to get relief from stretch marks, be consistent with it and use it as often as possible to get the best results and the quickest relief from stretch mark itch and pain.

    How Can You Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

    Stretch marks do not disappear but can lighten over time with the help of the right safe and natural product. An effective stretch marks and scar lightening cream like the one at the Mylo Store would nourish, heal and repair the skin, improving its elasticity. With regular use, one can get relief from dry, itchy skin and also notice the stretch marks lighten and fade away gradually.

    Which Natural Products Should One Look for in Their Stretch Marks Lightening Cream?

    Effective stretch marks lightening cream would be made up of all or a combination of natural ingredients like coconut oil that helps clear scar marks on the skin, shea butter that has antimicrobial properties; it helps reduce skin scarring and the natural extracts of Kokum promote collagen production, tightens the skin and heals it in the process.

    Buy Mylo Care Stretch Marks & Scar Lightening Cream at Mylo Store enriched with the goodness of Kokum, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, and other essential nutrients to help your skin deal with scars, stretch marks, and itchiness.

    What is the Right Time and the Right Way for Stretch Marks Treatment?

    Just like other things, stretch marks also have a life cycle. They are easier to treat when they have just made an appearance. Therefore, it is essential that you treat them as soon as you notice them. Better still, a stretch marks lightening cream should be applied from week 13 of pregnancy to avoid them as much as possible.

    Just apply the stretch marks lightening cream that you have selected for yourself liberally over the area where the stretch marks are making an appearance, twice a day. This helps keep the skin moist and prevents tear marks from making an appearance.


    Stretch marks during pregnancy are common, and you can easily get rid of them. Follow up with these remedies consistently, and you can bid stretch marks goodbye.

    Explore the Mylo Store for all kinds of Stretch Marks Removal Creams, Oils, Butter & Combos.

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