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    My toddler has bad breath. what should I do?

    Written on 25 May 2021

    One of the worst challenges you can face with your little one is bad breath. If your baby doesn't have the habit of brushing regularly, bad breath is inevitable. Hence, taking care of your baby's dental hygiene is a must. If your baby doesn't brush his teeth regularly, the food that has made a home in between your baby's teeth will be broken down by bacteria resulting in bad breath.

    Bad breath could also result from the food that your baby eats. Certain foods like onion and garlic can cause bad breath. Too much sugar content and drinks could decay your teeth which would ultimately result in bad breath. A dry mouth can also be another reason why your baby's breath smells bad. Lack of saliva in your baby's mouth will make it difficult for the bacteria to go away.

    What can you do to get rid of bad breath?

    Here are a few points that you can follow to get rid of your babies bad breath:

    • Make brushing teeth a fun activity. Switch on some music and dance along with your baby while your baby brushes its teeth.

    • If you are brushing your baby's teeth, do so in a comfortable position for both you and your baby. However, once your brush your baby's teeth, give the brush to your baby and make them brush their teeth too. This will teach a sense of responsibility to your baby.

    • Use a toothbrush that is the right size and has soft bristles.

    • Choose a toothpaste that is good flavoured and also recommended by your dentist.

    • Let your little one choose a toothbrush of their choice. It could be a cartoon-y toothbrush or one with lights and music. This will attract your toddler to brush their teeth regularly.

    • Give your toddler certain soft toys and ask them to brush the teeth of those soft toys. Of course, do not include any toothpaste!

    Whatever trick you choose, ensure that it is done regularly and consistently because consistency is the key to every good thing.

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