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    Motor Skills

    Activities to keep an active toddler occupied at home

    Written on 19 May 2021

    Activities to keep an active toddler occupied at home

    There is no doubt about the fact that your toddler is an endless ball of energy. How do you put your toddler's energy to good use? Here are a few activities that you can try at home to channelize your baby's energy in the right way:

    Set up outdoor games at home

    Set up outdoor games like basketball, football, badminton and cricket using the free space in your house. You can also blow balloons along with your baby and throw around these balloons at each other! If your balloons burst, be careful to dispose of them as soon as possible before your child tries to gulp them.

    Treasure Hunt

    Hide the treasure somewhere in the house. It could be behind the fridge or somewhere where your baby can find it! Treasure could be a small toy, a cute eraser or anything literally! Place chits at different places in your house. Each chit leading to the next clue. Imagine how happy your baby will be when he finally finds the gift!


    Switch on the music and just dance, baby!

    Household chores

    Get your baby to help you with some of the household chores. Your baby can rinse the vegetables, clean them with a dry cloth.

    Building blocks

    Building blocks are a great way to get your baby's physical and mental capabilities growing while accelerating balance and hand-eye coordination.

    Reading books together

    Reading a book to your baby enhances your baby's language, vocabulary and communication skills as well. It will also help you bond with your baby and give you some intimate time with your baby.
    Drawing and Painting

    Give your baby plain paper and a colour pencil and ask them to draw whatever they want. This will give them a sense of freedom, and you will also be shocked to know what your child is capable of.

    Get colour papers for this activity and plan a few things to make together. A boat, a swing, paper Planes, puppets etc., are some options. You will be delighted to see your baby's reaction once you and your baby collectively create something from the paper!

    Pretend play

    There are many toys available for pretend play, like the doctor set or the kitchen set. These pretend play toys can be fun because your baby would ask you to be the patient while your baby becomes a doctor and treats you! As for the kitchen set, your baby will be your chef and serve you some yummy dishes!

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