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    Solid Food for Your Baby: How to Introduce Them | MyloFamily

    Written on 7 November 2017

    Expert Verified

    Dt. Mansi Goyal

    Specializes in Critical Gestational Diabetes, PCOS Patients - BSC| MSC (Home Science, Food & Nutrition)

    Meta: Wondering when to start solid food for your baby? Check out this guide for everything you need to know about baby food safety, and recommended items.

    An important developmental milestone in your baby's journey is to start with solid foods. A very positive effect of this milestone is that your baby gets introduced to many more feeding options, opening up more avenues for the healthy growth of your baby. Certain things should be considered important regarding starting with solids.

    Let's take a look:

    When is the right time to start solid food for babies?

    Normally around 6 months is considered the right age to start with solids. However, each baby is different and you must look for the following telltale signs of your baby’s readiness for solids foods:

    • Baby can hold his head up.

    • He looks interested while you are eating.

    • Looking at the food coming towards him, he opens his mouth in excitement.

    • He/she can move food from the tongue to the throat and is able to swallow.

    How to introduce solid food to babies?

    Maximum nutrition at 6 months comes from milk, yet you can still start solids without getting much worried if the baby doesn’t take a liking to solids right away. Few pointers on how to go about it are mentioned below:

    • Feed with a small spoon.

    • Start with very small portions.

    • Most babies take time to develop the taste for food, so keep feeding the same food for a few days.

    • Be prepared to clean up as the first few feeding sessions will most likely end up with most food spread on the baby’s face, clothes, and hands.

    What are the best options?

    There are no scientifically proven foods that are better to start off with, but here are a few points that you must keep in mind:

    • Don’t feed anything that could lead to choking.

    • Cereals like rice and oatmeal are the easiest, to begin with.

    • A few good and light options are Fruits and vegetables like bananas, apples, potatoes, and beans.

    • Make sure to check with your pediatrician about starting poultry, meat, and fish.

    • The first foods should be soft and mashed or cut into very small pieces.

    • If you notice any kind of allergy to your baby's skin, watch out for any food that’s making the baby uncomfortable.

    What changes to expect after baby starts consuming solids?

    You can expect the following changes once you start giving solid foods to your baby:

    • His potty will become more solid and also have a stronger smell.

    • Finding chunks of undigested food in the potty is normal as the baby’s digestive system is still underdeveloped and will take time to fully process the food.

    • Reduce the quantity of solid food if the stools are extremely loose.

    So, go ahead and begin this exciting phase which is the building block of healthy eating habits for your munchkin for life.


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    Dt. Mansi Goyal

    Specializes in Critical Gestational Diabetes, PCOS Patients - BSC| MSC (Home Science, Food & Nutrition)
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