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    Best Sex Positions to Conceive

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    Best Sex Positions to Conceive

    Updated on 19 March 2024

    If you are planning to have a baby, you must have thought of using the best means possible to increase your chances of conceiving. This article brings you a bundle of information and useful tips for you to do so. The best positions for sex while trying to have a baby are listed here for you.

    Why Do Sex Positions Matter?

    There are certain sex positions that allow deeper penetration, thereby increasing the chances of the sperm meeting with the ovum. This is the reason why sex positions matter when it comes to conception.

    The Best Sex Positions for Getting Pregnant

    To make it fun for both partners while trying to have a baby, they may try different sex positions. Here are the 6 best sex positions to increase the chances of successful conception:

    1. Missionary:

    Yes! The good old and reliable missionary is one of the best positions to get pregnant. The man is on top and the woman lies on her back which helps in making deeper penetration. Deep penetration means the semen, once released, will be close to the cervix which increases the chances of conceiving. This is one of the best sex positions which is a no-brainer and has proven to give women orgasms quickly. Adding a pillow underneath your lower back gives you an extra advantage to get pregnant.

    2. Doggy style:

    This is the best sex position that is loved by men. The woman is down on all fours and the man inserts from behind. The man does not have to put a lot of effort and it is enjoyed immensely by both man and woman once done correctly. The cervix of a woman opens up more in this sex position and allows the semen to easily reach and fertilize the egg.

    3. Reverse Cowgirl:

    One of the wildest sex positions for the women, reverse cowgirl, gives the woman all the power. The woman is on the top facing away from her partner’s head. She controls the pelvic motion and the depth of penetration. This way she can ensure that there is a deeper penetration and the seminal fluid easily moves into the vagina. This too tops the list of best positions to get pregnant

    4. Legs on Shoulder:

    In this position, the woman keeps both of her legs on her partner’s shoulder while lying on her back. The man is between the legs and pushes from the front. Gravity is a crucial factor when you are trying to conceive. As the pelvic area of the woman is slightly lifted in this sex position, it makes the flow of sperm is directed towards the cervix due to gravity which, in turn, increases the chances of conceiving.

    5. Side-by-Side Scissors:

    Both partners lay on their sides facing each other intertwining their legs and ensuring penetration. This position provides a lot of clitoral stimulation to the woman making her ready to receive the sperm. As this position also helps in making deeper penetrations, the chances of getting pregnant increase.

    6. Wheelbarrow:

    This sex position will definitely spice up your sex life. The man is standing while the woman is initially on both her hands and legs. The man then grabs both the legs of his partner from behind and positions himself to enter the vagina. It offers a deeper penetration making it easier to get pregnant.

    Having the right mindset before and during sex is also important. Worrying whether you will conceive this time or not will only hinder the process. Instead, you should relax and enjoy the love-making process. You can watch a romantic movie, go out for dinner with your partner to set up the mood for the night. Having a deep and romantic connection with your partner do wonders for your sex life.

    Everyone’s body is different and they have different erogenous zones. Getting to know your partner’s zones will help you immensely set up the mood for what’s about to happen. Communication can also help you prepare for the baby-making process. Letting your partner know how you are feeling during the lovemaking or asking them to try different positions can help heat things up.

    When and How Much Sex Should a Couple Have When Trying to Conceive?

    The woman is most fertile during the ovulation period. Having sex during this time can substantially increase the chance of getting pregnant. Keeping track of your ovulation cycle or using an ovulation kit can help you predict the right time to have sex.

    Couples who are trying to get pregnant should have sex as frequently as possible to conceive successfully. But keep in mind that it’s not a task that you have to complete every day. Both partners must enjoy the lovemaking process. If sex becomes a part of a daily mundane routine, you will not only lose interest in it but will also affect your relationship with your partner.

    How to Ejaculate to Ensure Pregnancy?

    In order to increase the chances of getting pregnant, the man should try & ejaculate in such a way that the sperm comes in contact with the vagina. If the male partner ejaculates closer to the vagina, the erect penis is more likely to come in very close contact with the vagina or genital area, thereby increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

    What Else Can You Do to Increase the Chances of Conceiving?

    After trying one of the best positions for sex, try to lie down on your back for 10-15 minutes. For added advantage, place a pillow in your pelvic region. This will help the sperm to reach the eggs faster.

    Cleaning your vaginal area just after sex plays a crucial role in avoiding STDs. But when you are trying to get pregnant, try to clean your vagina with water after an hour or so after sex.

    Apart from this, one must also try to stay healthy. After all, you will be bringing a baby into this world and your genes will pass on to the baby. Here are some health-related tips that can help you get pregnant faster:

    • Cutting down the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes
    • Limiting the consumption of caffeine is always a great option
    • Eating a healthy and balanced diet
    • Exercising regularly and staying active throughout the day
    • Consuming fertility supplements or prenatal vitamins

    When to Seek a Doctor’s Help?

    Honestly, it’s always a good option to meet your gynecologist/ fertility doctor when you first decide that you want to have a baby. It will also help you be prepared for what is about to come and how your body will transform during pregnancy.

    Age is also a major factor when thinking of getting professional help. As you get older, your fertility decreases. If you’re over 35 years old and you’ve been trying to have a baby for the last 6 months, you should seek a doctor’s help.

    If you have irregular periods, PCOS/ PCOD, or hormonal imbalance, your doctor may suggest you some medications that will help you become pregnant. The doctor might also suggest you either lose weight or gain weight depending on your condition.

    If you have sexual dysfunctions or you are infertile, it might become gloomy and worrisome for you. But it should not affect your sex life. You can always ask for support from your partner.

    What to expect?

    The timeline of conceiving and having a successful pregnancy is different for everyone. One might get pregnant on their first try and some might take as long as about 12 months to even conceive. The key is to keep trying and enjoying the process, i.e., the sex. Why not try the best sex positions to get pregnant?


    There are multiple options that you can try to make your sex life interesting. You can try different sex positions, role-play, foreplay, toys, lubes, cosplay, etc. Even a small thing like changing the location or surface of where you have sex can do the magic. Just ensure that you have fun while doing so.


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